Coffee, Chat and Metro Transition

It is nice to meet Haichao again, after we briefly met half year ago. The Starbucks at Xujiahui is more crowded, and noisy. My reading before he arrives was frequently interrupted by some words or sentences from far away seats.

After many times, I still cannot distinguish Mocha and Coffee Latte. I know they are different, but cannot match the name and their tastes. So every time I order, I just randomly pick one name from the two. It is the same today. Anyone has ideas about what is the difference?

Haichao’s seems running great, and I continue to enjoy chatting with him, as the last time. The confidence of sending a company (LTON) to NASDAQ as a founder is much higher than normal startups.

After coffee, I stepped into the Xujiahui Metro Station. In the next 3 years, this place will become another construction site since Metro line #9, and line #11 will transit here to Metro Line #1. The transition station plan was announced. It leverages the underground parking area B2 and B3 of the Grant Gateway as the transition hall, and then arranges metro stations around the building is a fantastic idea. I was very excited to see this kind of innovation.

L9-+——- /
|[ ] /
|[ ] /
/ L1

The yellow block is the Grant-Gate Way Building.

7 thoughts on “Coffee, Chat and Metro Transition

  1. Both start with the same espresso coffee and both have steamed milk added to it. The difference is that mocha should have a chocolate syrup added to it. I guess you can remember the difference because “mocha” has a “ch” in it, just like “chocolate.”

  2. From Starbucks’ Website

    Caffè Latte – Espresso and steamed milk

    Caffè Mocha – Espresso, steamed milk and mocha syrup

    Basically, Caffè Mocha has chocolate flavored syrup in it.

    Speaking of Starbucks and China, I still remember how shocked I was when I came across the Starbucks inside the Forbidded City. Actually, I’m still shocked.

  3. Yes, right. When you see “Mocha”, just think of Chocolate, then it will become clear to you :-)

  4. So many coffee experts=)

    The Starbucks in Xujiahui is really bad in environment– crowded, noisy, even unsafe, one of my friends’ pocket was stolen there.

    The transportation network is getting completed and innovative, I love SH for one more reason.

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