Notes to the Day

1. Server changed to They seem good. The transition is smooth (pretty smooth), but I still lost some comments (5?). Feel bad about it.

2. Back from Donews gathering this year. Had wonderful dinner with Friends.

3. Went to Internet cafe again.

4. Focus Group is really helpful.

5. It is better to go to bed now.

4 thoughts on “Notes to the Day

  1. It is down during the server change. I don’t have time to fix it now – I guess I only have one hour or two per week to do the tech stuff for this site. So let me postpone it. My guess is, it will be back within the next two weeks.

  2. Your map on this site is great! I use it often for customizing maps to send to friends for directions, etc. But yeah, seems like it’s down. Hope it’s up and running soon!

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