If I Lost it, Then Let it Be…

I found myself never work well with a host company. I moved from ipowerweb.com to lunarpages.com for hosting, but again, I was driven mad. Every time I have to write or talk with a technical support guy, I am completely mad. Every single word I read or hear lead to the thought in my head: “I have to kill someone.”. Just kidding, but it is exactly what I feel.

From March 15, to March 25, it is another 10 days, and the server problem is not solved. I paused for several days for the data to get back. Finally, I gave up. I always cannot work well with technical support from hosting companies, no matter where…

How painful it is to work with someone follow a process, and cross the different time zone. It is hard.

Here are some examples:

1. Every morning, when I check my mail box, I always cannot see my response from lunarpages.com. Then I asked is there any update. Two days later, I was told that “Every time I add a note, the case will be put to the end of the queue again.” So if I am worried, and I need urgent assistant, the more I write, the slower my response will be. OK. I accept this.

2. Although I am worried, I kept patient and don’t touch the case. I expect a response within 24 hours, but two days later, I get another response. So, remember when dealing with a host company, be patient. Plan a 72 hour server down time.

3. Time zone is hard. Sometimes, when I add a note, waiting for the next morning, and only get one note: “Can I verify your identity? What is the last four digits of your credit card”. I replied and wait. Two another day past. Finally, when we reach some agreement for an action, support guys will ask: Can you confirm this? I said “I confirm”, another two days go away.

4. Telephone may helps. If you call, I feel lunarpages.com did wonderful job on telephone support. They only ask me to stay hold for 7 minutes, while on ipowerweb.com, they can easily say: “Expected waiting time is 27 minutes”. I think the definition of “how long is long” in China and America is different. It is unbelievable to have someone wait on telephone for half an hour. Telephone system does not have emotion. People have.

After another 10 drilling experience, I said: OK. Forget about the old entries, and forget about the comment I lost. Let me start from March 25, 2006, and stop working with the guys in lunarpages.com. It is just because my expectation always does not match the host can provide.

My expectation is very clear:

1. Someone response my email with two days.

2. Any very simple server request like backup files, or get a file, should be solved within 7 days.

This expectation has been lowered a lot after working with hosting companies. That is the reason when someone ask my recommendation to hosting companies, I said: It is hard to recommend, since everyone is “bad”. You will get angry with anyone. The only difference is, how angry you are.

On the lost data, If I have to lose it, let it be…

8 thoughts on “If I Lost it, Then Let it Be…

  1. Glad that I finally saw your site back online. Have you tried Godaddy? I just switched from my home server (ADSL) to godaddy economy plan, and switched the blog system from MT to WP. Well, everything went really smoothly and the transition just couldn’t be easier. However, hope you site in a good shape from now on.

  2. I use datapipe.com and have for 5 years now. I get a human being everytime I call (no machine). My trouble tickets are answered usually within 2 hours, and if it is a priority, I can talk to a techie who sorts me out.

    Costs a bit more, but you get what you pay for.

  3. I have exactly the same experience with you when dealing with most hosting companies. I am wondering, why don’t you try some Chinese ones?

  4. I had an interview with Network Solutions last Wednesday. Appearently, they do web hosting now! You should give them a try.

  5. It’s great you got it back online. I suggest you host by yourself with DDNS. It’s easier for setup and maintenance. I don’t think you have bandwidth problem. So…It’ up to you.

    Anyway, I hope I can keep watching your website in future and good luck to your website.

  6. Why not try to call them? Email is the slowest way to solve problems:)

    BTW, still remember me? Anthem. Yes, Anthem Chen,Min

  7. Man, you should just get a VPS instead…

    I am with Lunarpages VPS plan, never have problem since.

    $39.95 = not too much if you do google adsens. oh I see you have adsense, so you know what I mean.

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