New Year for Everyone in the team

What a nice idea to start the new year for Kijiji with two days of briefing and training session. I just get back home from the full day event. It is already 0:50 AM the next day (I will adjust the posting time a little bit to make this entry fall into March 1), but I feel so excited to be the part of the team and see the growth of a young and passionate team. Hope I can get up in time tomorrow morning.

P.S. The training center at 17th Floor of the Shanghai No. 1 Department Store New Tower is a pretty decent place to host small scale training. Highly recommend – to find a good place at the Metro station of the People’s Square at the Nanjing road is not always easy.

Have a good night (day, afternoon, evening – depending where you are), everyone.

2 thoughts on “New Year for Everyone in the team

  1. I’m excited for you, Jian Shuo! Your adventure with this exciting young company reminds me of so many stories from when start-ups were happening all over Silicon Valley. The energy and enthusiasm of the people involved has such an impact on the success of the enterprise. I know your teams will do well, and they are so lucky to have you with them! Congratulations on the success of this first year, and here’s hoping you have many many more :)

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