Productivity Tips – 5 Wrong Beliefs

I found this tip from Microsoft website very useful for me.

5 Beliefs that Limit Productivity – And How to Overcome Them

1. There’s Too Much Information Coming at Me Too Fast

2. I Have to Keep Everything

3. Organization Cramps My Freedom and Creativity

4. There’s Not Enough Time in the Day!

5. It Takes Too Much Time to Get Productive

The answers are:

1. The volume of information is not an issue. The way we process it is.

2. By removing 85% of unused documents, you feel lighter, and easier.

3. Organizing helps you to have a big block of time to do creative things.

4. Time is not the issue. Decide what to do (and more importantly what not to do) with the given time is the issue.

5. We can save much more time than the time we spend to learn to be productive.

Also, to put my commitment into the task list is a great way to keep my commitment, which is a key area to work on.

I forwarded the page to my friends I know who is also working hard to improve the productivity.

P.S. Anyone has any idea of a new tab-browser named: Sleipnir 2.3? It seems to be popular in Japan. True?

4 thoughts on “Productivity Tips – 5 Wrong Beliefs

  1. Well, the real answers from the linked page are:

    – buy my book

    – buy Microsoft Office

    – buy my other book explaining how to apply what I explain in the first book with Microsoft Outlook you just book

    Eventually, I’m sure the next step in the productivy tips is: how to setup an Microsoft Exchange Server.

  2. Damien, what you said is true. Since I have all the tools available – Outlook, and other Office tools, Exchange Server – it helped me a lot to use these tools in a more productive way.

    More than that, I always believe to be more effective, I need more than just a tool. We need methodology, and phylosophy to guide our usage of tools.

  3. Yes, it’s popular here in Japan. it provides tab feature and developped upon the core same as IE. Some of my colleagues are using the stuff, but I am prefer to using Firefox or IE.

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