I Need a USB Cable

I remembered to bring my camera (SONY P8) with me during my travel but left the cable connection at home. It is a gray USB cable with a standard USB outlet on the one side and a mini USB on the other side. Without the cable, all my 128M pictures still sit in my memory stick in my camera, and I cannot transfer them to my laptop. There are many photos of Beijing that I cannot share now.

God of Fortune Arrived

According to the Chinese tradition, the 5th day of new year is the day the God of Fortune return to everyone’s home.

Last year in Shanghai, fireworks were stronger than the New Year’s Eve to Welcome to the God of Fortune. In Beijing, last night was a quite night with almost no fireworks. That is clearly the difference on culture and tradition between Beijing and Shanghai.


  1. 晚上给你带一根试试

  2. another option: spend less than RMB50.00 to buy an all in one card reader, which surely contains sony Memory-stick adapter.

    this is an ultimate solution to nowaday’s multicard digital produtcts.

  3. Thanks Che Dong. Let me bring my laptop with me tonight to see if I can get the pictures out.

    FrankZ, it is a good suggestion to have the 50 RMB all-in-one reader. The problem is, when in a new city, it is not so obvious where to buy digitial product. In Shanghai, I know I should go to Metro City. In Beijing, I only know ZhongGuanCun, but I am not sure their business hours, where to buy etc… So simple problems may be big one in another city.

  4. Your USB cable was on my desk.

    You brought it with my DVD-RW before the spring festival(Also there is also a power cable with the USB cable). :-)

    Best regards,


  5. Hi Jian Shuo,

    I hope the god of fortune made it up to you in Beijing.

    If you feel like you missed out on the fireworks, I videoed a little bit of the craziness that went on last night, so if you want to get a dose fireworks colour and noise, have a look here: http://madaboutshanghai.blogs.com/mad_about_shanghai/2006/02/the_fireworks_c.html

    Have a great year of the dog, and I look forward to following your adventures for another year!



  6. It seems I was wrong. The fireworks was wonderful tonight – the fireworks should arrive today, instead of last night. I did see a lot of fireworks today, the 5th day of the New Year in Beijing

  7. Oh. Jia, thanks. I believe that is the one.

  8. 可以买一个读卡器就ok啦,直接把内存卡插到读卡器,读卡器连电脑。我以前就这么干的

  9. Hi Jianshuo, you still have that P8 ?

    Nikon is the THING now, I have a IXUS750, 7.1Mpix,

    can take a 1GB SD card. (I bought 2 and 2 batteries)

    Video is like Sony’s 30pic/sec and VGA.

    I wish the digital camera makers would make a steadyshot to the video feature, but no.

    In all situations, KEEP THE CAMERA ROCK STEADY !

    I bought a underwater housing (40meters depth) and went to Philippines for diving with Xiuying october 2005, I have some great shots !

    And the fireworks in Shanghai was just AWEsome on feb. 2 evening !

    I heard that this is the first newyear in recent times to allow fireworks in Beijing, is that true ? Maybe that’s why it was a little lame…

  10. I am still using the small camera, and I am thinking of Canon 350D now.

  11. Oh, my mistake, it is of course a Canon IXUS 750…. Not a Nikon.

    However, the 350D is nearly as a small old-fashioned SLR. Dimensions 126.5 x 94.2 x 64mm, weight (empty) 485grams, and a 1,8″ display.

    Not suitable for taking every place in a pocket, huh !

    I have a Nikon SLR (the analog one), and I never pick that when I travel.

    Consider my previous selection – I had never had a better camera (and I have owned many…)

    And, celebrating day, Jianshuo, this is my 300’th posting to your blog :-) :-) !!!

  12. 你可以用HP笔记本,HP的笔记本,可以直接插SD卡,读数据.


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