Jobs in eBay Shanghai

It is the age of Internet. It is the age of booming. It is….

… the age of hiring.

Job Openings at eBay

There many technical and non-technical job openings in eBay Shanghai. Just in case you are interested, go to this page and here. Most JDs are in English.

Some positions:

  • Senior Software Engineer–Web Application
  • Senior Software Engineer–Search
  • Senior Software Engineer–Java
  • Testing Engineer/senior QA Engineer
  • HR manager
  • Senior QA Engineer
  • Senior Data Warehouse Engineer (China)
  • Data Warehouse design engineer (China)
  • Data Warehouse Technical Lead (China)
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Manager, CDC Engineering Services
  • Manager, Product Development
  • Senior Software Engineer — .NET/C#
  • Manager, product development – Billing application
  • QA Manager
  • Manager, Engineering Services
  • Windows NT Systems Administrator
  • Product Development Manager
  • Senior Oracle Database Administrator
  • Product Development Manager – Billing Application
  • Site Unix System Administrator
  • Senior Software Engineer – Web Application/Search/Java
  • Unix Administrator at Network Operations Center
  • Senior Software Engineer – C#/.NET
  • Systems and Network engineer
  • QA Testing Engineer/Senior QA Engineer

Go and have a look. I don’t expect too much readers of this blog (typically a short period visit to Shanghai or in non-tech industries), but just in case someone may be interested. It is part of my responsibility to help the company I work for to attract as many talent as possible to the company. Just read the JD and drop an email to, or, as specified in the Job Descriptions.

More Companies are Hiring

Microsoft of cause started aggressive hiring. I know the development center have more than 200 open headcounts. Check this page. Many job opening there, even not included the hiring plan.

Google is hiring. The effort led by Kai-Fu Lee. The typically Google white-background poster already appeared on university campus.

Yahoo! announced very agressive hiring plan also – it was said 400?

Ops. How many talent we have this year? It is wired that on one hand, many university students cannot find a job, and on the other hand, companies cannot find qualified people? Is it a problem of the educational system?

Kijiji is also Hiring

The last, but definitely not the least (If you can read my mind), Kijiji is also hiring. Check our BBS and post your ideas to the board.

9 thoughts on “Jobs in eBay Shanghai

  1. This trend is very clear: All major US based software companies are rushing to China to hire with probably 1/4 – 1/10th of US salary. This is good for the companies, but unfortunately very worrisome to all the software engineers/programmers in the US.

  2. Are they interested in filling any of these slots with foreigners ?

    I’m facing a scary thing, I think: in a few months here I’ll have my degree, but zero official ‘experience’. I have yet to see a tech job ad on the internet that offers anything for persons with less than 3 years of experience. It might be hard to find such a slot here at home, so I’m really worried about how hard it might be in China. (I will relocate to China unconditionally, even if I end up teaching English :)) If one doesn’t see any position specifically calling for ‘entry level’ programming etc., is it still worth sending my resume ? ANY advice with regard to my situation is greatly appreciated.

  3. In China hiring companies even assert higher standards toward working experience. They have no problems in getting cheap programmers, even from well known universities. There are so many cheap talents in China, hiring companies can afford to pick and choose. If you desire higher earning power over the long term, better stay in developed countries rather than competing with countless talents on the cheap.

  4. Well, to say it more directly, over the long term, if earning power is your concern, stay away from programming altogether.

    Software development jobs have been shifting to low cost countries on accelerating speed. This specialty is increasingly getting commoditized.

  5. Guys – I totally agree. I’ve spent years in software. No chance to competee for Westerners. But what about IT management positions related to financial services. I’m looking for possibility to relocate to Shanghai. Any advice?

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