Nokia Support Phone Numbers in China


Fax: 4008 800321


International customers: +86-10-58692662

It is 24 hour phone call.

BTW, 400 phone numbers are like 800, but it only waive the long distance fee, and the customer still need to pay local fee.

I called today. Their service is good. I immediately forwarded to Tailin about their website to see how Kijiji can improve the customer service. :-) They also dropped a SMS to me to give me the reference ID. Nokia is fully localized in China. Well done.

Business Educational Opportunities in Shanghai

This Sunday, on Smiling Library event, I met Emily, the nice girl from CEIBS. She suggested me to participate the management forum held in CEIBS tonight. It was hosted by professor McFranlan from Harvard Business School. It was hard for me to get used to his Boston accent.

In Shanghai, there are still huge amount lecture opporunities. I started to get interested in some Executive Education programs they have. Xiaofeng suggested me to attend more trainings to learn the

17 thoughts on “Nokia Support Phone Numbers in China

  1. Hi, Jianshuo, good morning first, and I have to sorry for telling you that there is a little spell wrong in this article, ascent –> accent, hehe. Never mind for my boldness please.

  2. A kind advice :

    It is kind to the readers to explain abbrevations like this : CEIBS (China Europe International Business School).

    You only have to do it one time in the text.

    Then everyone knows what it is, and you don’t get any questions like the one above !

  3. How was the lecture on Tuesday night at CEIBS? I was planning to go, but didn’t have time… too late at work

    WJS: Are you going again?

  4. Another suggestion, but to readers:

    Google it first when you don’t know it. Stop asking writers trivial ones.

  5. Fine, I can se the improvement, Jianshuo ! Makes it easier…

    Anyhow, your link does not EXPLAIN the name of China Europe International Business School, if you look again.

    And “Passenger”, you HAVE to be an american citizen !

    US citizens use to throw around nonsense abbrevations all the time…

    But, WJS’s blog is a blog for all people, I think.

  6. Thanks for the site, Wangjianshuo.

    Can you or one of your correspondents help me find a Chinese, English-speaking driver for a three-month trip I will be making across North China this summer (approx. end April to early August 2006)? The travel opportunity might suit a student–someone looking for something like an internship. I will be researching a book, following a Tang dynasty Buddhist pilgrim route. I will be renting a car. I pay all expenses and will pay a bonus at successful conclusion of the trip. This will have to be someone reliable–probably bondable. Dennis Marshall

  7. Would you please give more information? I believe many people will be interested in joining you. It seems to be a wonderful information. I will help to post it to Kijiji.

  8. Actually it´s not a comment Mr Wang; on the contrary, I will need your help to get a phone´s number of JIA WEIPU or her E-mail.

    I´m leaving in Venezuela and it´s been rather difficult for me to reach any yellow pages in China that can provide me with that info.

    Thank you in advance

  9. Hi! May I ask which part of China a mobile number start from “15xxxx”?

    ‘coz I knew that a mobile number start in “13xxxx” is from Shanghai, isn’t it? Is “15xx” from Beijing or Hangzhou?

    I really appreciate for taking your time for this matter.

  10. I am an indian I have a china mobile which set no is 5188 . I wnat to start the internet. what should I do for that. Please help me…… I am waiting ……. my mobile no is 91 9826816497

  11. I have a china mobile.i cannot use the service of the internet because it required gprs subscription but here in dubai the etisalat dont have the gprs settings for china what to do to have gprs connection

  12. i have china mobile and im in dubai how can i use gprs and mms because there is no setting in etisalat

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