Jet Lag Patterns

Jet lag!I hate jet lag.

The pattern for my jet lag is clear and repeartable. Let me keep a record of my experience these days to make sure the next time I travel, I understand which part of the time is the most inefficient and try to avoid important meeting during these time slots.

The First Day

I don’t feel the jet lag the firts day. After UA858 arrives in the morning, the excitement of travel (and obviously combined with the excitement to be able to move after sitting there for 12 hours) makes the first half day wonderful. The lunch will be as exciting as normal, and I will be happy to eat something after being hungry the whole morning. In the after (SFO time), I am still feeling great until around 4:00 PM. I started to feel tired and 5:00 PM is the peak that I would quit from anything to fall asleep. I will wake up 5-8 times at night.

The Second Day

In the morning, I will feel great, and wake up early – it is quite unusual for me. The morning will be very productive and from 1:30 PM, my head starts to be heavy and hard to open the eyes. It will continue to till about 6:00 PM, and legs and feet do not feel comfortable. The night is not enjoyable at all, and I need to go back to hotel to sleep ASAP.

I may wake up 3 times at night.

The Third Day

The third day is better. I start to feel bad when I have to wake up – this is what I call the normal behavior for me. Then the morning continue to be great and feel a little bit tired in the afternoon from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. That is. The night is good, and the evening will be wonderful.

I believe the jet lag will appear slowly from the fourth day…

That is me. How about you?

32 thoughts on “Jet Lag Patterns

  1. The lag you are suffering appears to be more than a few hours. For example, you believe that cencorship is part of American life.

    Go get the truth. In your stay in San Francisco bay area, turn on your car radio, tune to FM 88.5 for public radio programming. Watch channel 9 for PBS. See for yourself. Hear for yourself. This is America. This is not China, where ‘no comment’ is often the shield of a coward, like you, the famous Shanghai blogger.

  2. bellevue, you really like a buffoon.

    Originally, i’m adiaphorous, but now, feel distaste of you.

  3. jianshuo:

    Someone told me if you watch the sunset, it will help you get over jetlag, as it makes your mind change over to the actual time. Maybe you could try that next time, it might help! Plus the sunsets are so beautiful near the ocean, *sigh*!

  4. Hmm, Bellevue, with that attitude of yours you’re just a plain asshole, ok ?

    Get out of this blog asap.

    I suggest others just to ignore postings from this guy, unless he’s coming up with something reasonable.

  5. Mostly I only travels to Europe a few days each time, so every time it’s the same as Jianshuo describes, but only double. When I’m just get used to the conditions in Europe, then I’ll head back to China.

    So it’s a week with sleep problems; insomnia is the key word here.

    An advice, when youjust need to sleep early and it is still daylight, use a face cover to make day into night !

  6. Mostly I only travels to Europe a few days each time, so every time it’s the same as Jianshuo describes, but only double. When I’m just get used to the conditions in Europe, then I’ll head back to China.

    So it’s a week with sleep problems; insomnia is the key word here.

    An advice, when you just need to sleep early and it is still daylight, use a face cover to make day into night !

  7. Jet lag only happens to me on eastbound flying, if you adhere to your daily routine and think very little about the home time, then jet lag will not play any role during your stay in SFO.

  8. bellevue,

    If censorship is in the mind of Jianshuo, then you comments will not be posted here.

    Do you know the name ‘bellevue” actually refer as luntic in most eastern states name after the Bellevue Hospital, the famous mental institution in New York. Please consider to change your call sign to avoid being a laughing stock.

  9. Bellevue, why do you think that every Chinese blogger who posts things on the web have the obligation to touch political issues? Maybe someone just want to discuss routine things in life…leave Jian Shuo alone!!!

  10. Lee: in fact I never think so. It’s Wangjianshuo that fired the first shot:

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  11. bellevue, are you one of those ‘heroes’ sitting at the Ti@nmen Squ@re in 19eighty nine and then expelled by Chinese government? if thats the case, its understandable why you are full of hatred, you will never be able to come back home, what esle can be more miserable than that.

  12. Can someone ban this Bellevue. He is a non chinese American who speaks and writes chinese for some reason and just hates China. He goes around posting hate messages in many chinese bloggers board. This guy needs serious mental help

  13. No, in the spirit of free speech, I would not recommend banning anyone (except perhaps explicitly profane and personally insulting ones). The fact that bellevue is able to publish so many SEEMINGLY anti-censorship comments in Chinese blogs exactly defeats the censorship arguments in those comments. Intelligent/civil readers need not be upset or distracted by criticisms even inappropriate criticisms, but go on with their discussion about the topics intended by Jian Shuo’s original post.

  14. Why did you use ‘@’ to replace ‘a’ in ‘Tiananmen Square’? You are giving just another living proof that cencorship exists, bastard!

  15. xyzah, wow. What a great suggestion. I believe it may have some impact since I am a strong believer that the human body does have something in connection with nature, and by observing the Sun, it may help to turn. I hope the next time I am here in San Jose, at around 5:00 PM, I am able to drive somewhere near sea and watch the Sunset. :-) What a beautiful life!

  16. I was on the same plane on Monday and saw you in the business section. I went to work right after getting off the plane and haven’t feel any jet lag so far. You may want to try is to sleep as much as you can on the plane. To do so, you may want to do something fun the night before leaving Shanghai (so you don’t sleep that night).

  17. Really? What a coincident. Nice to be the same plane with you. For me, I always sleep. I never have problems to fall asleep but have serious problem to keep awake. I slept 11 hours on the plane, and slept as much. But the jet lag is still there.

  18. Then it could be that a) the weather here makes you feel sleepy; or b) those meetings are tiring.

  19. 1) The weather is great. i love it.

    2) The meeting was wonderful. I regret so much that I missed some part.

    I believe jet lag are the feeling of people have at 3:00 – 4:00 AM in the morning if they don’t sleep that night.

  20. Jianshuo, thank you for completely ignoring Bellevue ! That’s the way !

    (I know you, you’re not fat :-)

    Have a very nice workoholiday !

  21. I live in the u.s and travel a lot to shanghai. I usually don’t have any jetlag travelling to shanghai. But I had jetlag everytime when I came back. I was told that it has something to do with the earth rotation.

    Have fun in california.

  22. Well, I actually enjoy the jet lag experience.

    I’m not normally a morning person so I get a completely different outlook when I’m jet-lagged. The last time we went to Shanghai we arrived just after dark, got to bed about 21:00, and slept until maybe 02:00. We were both awake then and we chatted in bed until about 04:00. Then we got up and took a walk in the pre-dawn darkness along Chang Yang Road in Yangpu District. The city was quiet. There were a few joggers out at that time. We could hear their approaching footsteps half a block away.

    Then we walked down some side streets where people were just getting up and starting their breakfasts out on the street. For me that early morning walk was a highpoint of our trip.

    As the days went by we gradually stayed up later and later in the evening and stayed in bed longer and longer in the morning. No more early morning walking.

  23. Every creature needs to rest. Giraffes, little babies, elephants, dogs, cats, kids, koala bears, grandparents, moms, dads, and hippos in the jungle – they all sleep! Just like eating, sleep is necessary for survival. WBR LeoP

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