Cold Winter Comes

Cold winter comes to Shanghai. The sky was clear, but really cold. It has been two or three weeks that Shanghai was cloudy. Today is the first day recently to see blue sky.

Branches of trees were cut, so they can preserve some energy for the winter. The green color disappeared leaf by leaf in my garden. The good thing I know is, I don’t have to worry about the grass for at least three months.

Welcome, winter 2005 to Shanghai.

35 thoughts on “Cold Winter Comes

  1. winter usually starts in ‘dec around x’mas, looks like you are receiving an early winter, so bundle up and stay away from flu!

  2. I love Shanghai except for its Winter. The type of “damp wet” cold really gets into your bones and makes it very uncomfortable.

    Jian Shuo, how about doing a post on the present status of the Shanghai real estate market?

  3. I’m going to visit Shanghai in December and I’m curious, how cold does it get in Shanghai during December – January? Do I take lots of warm cloths?


  4. oli, yes, Shanghai is damp cold in the winter months, my experience is to wear woollen clothing, other winter jackets made of down, thinsulate or fleece are less effective at freezing point with humidity 70% and above. I also suggest you wear gore-tex as outter wear, yes, dress yourself like a mountaineer or a highlander.

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  7. wear a thermal under those layers of clothing and your wool/down jacket. A beanie is also important if you’ll be outside for a while since most of your body heat emanates from your head. Last December it was so cold in Shanghai and the streets were covered with a layer of ice. It was easy to slip and fall. However, it felt much colder the more inland I went.

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  9. Coming from north of Europe, Shanghai is a very nice place to be in winter !

    BUT : If you are among the chinese who do not have access to heating in the winter, you are in for a cool experience 24 hours a day !

    (Here’s a good advice : for 0.5RMB you can spend the days in the subway system, if you go out the same place as you got in…)

    My darling Xiuying attends a university located in south Shanghai, and there are NO heating whatsoever, even in the coldest winter !

    It is so hard for them to keep their minds open, when the fingers and heads are SO cold…

    She dresses as a norwegian skiing athlete to get through the winter days.

    Even the students in China pays for the education, they only pay for the education (of which the quality is highly arguable !), and definitely for no other things.

    What a life…

  10. Jianshuo, the coldest night so far has been 11.6 degrees C. (Nov. 15 2005)

    It is not exactly cold now. I haven’t put on my jacket yet…

    And please open your Skype !

  11. heya, I am relatively new to this blog. so hello jian shuo.

    funny that you should mention the start of winter in shanghai, (I was born and brought up there) ‘coz apparently it was -7 here in London this morning, but just as it in shanghai, it’s sunny with clean blue sky, which is kinda rare for winter in this city. As some of my colleague say, they won’t mind so much of the British winter if it is like this every day… well u know it is not pos though.

    and jian shuo, you said something about not worrying about grass, so you have got a private back garden in shanghai? it’s a house? where about in shanghai? just curious…

  12. I’m from shanghai too but now living in Southern California. There’s no real winter here, and we have around 20 c all year around. After many years, you kind of miss the cold winter in Shanghai..

  13. i really like the winter in shanghai,but when i wear a lot clothes, i feel bad.

    i am a bear, a bear, a bear.

  14. I’m a local Shanghainese and I love Shanghai so so so much…. Even though, I can hardly say I like Shanghai in winter too much :-)

    For the students in the schools, it’s the worst season. I’ve through that.

    Working in a nice office building, you may just need a good-looking puffy down jacket. A shirt, or a wool sweater shall keep you warm indoor. I like the idea to wear a beanie. Other than that, a wool scarf can really keep you away from the gust wind in the cold cold winter night…

    Good luck!

  15. Hi guys!!

    I’ve read thru your comments.. Get so ideas then..

    I’ll be departing for Shanghai on 18 February 2006, can you guys gimme some ideas and advice for the trip. Still winter huhh?!!

    This is the first time, i’ll be traveling during winter time, so need some tips especially on clothes, shoes, lip balms/lotions…

    Help me..Thank you..

  16. Hi guys…. I am from Malaysia, and I shall be visiting Shanghai for the first time in December. I wonder can anyone of you point out places where i can shop? So far, I only know Nanjing street. Any tips on how to bargain? I heard from my friends who went before that bargaining is a must ….. Would appreciate it if you guys could come out with tips for a 1st time traveller to China…


  17. Hi, I’m from Singapore and going to Shanghai this Christmas. Wish to have a white christmas there although I know it seldom snow in Shanghai………….

  18. Kim, Sharon, Liza

    Just be prepared with gloves, hat, raincoat and sweaters… so cold from December to end of February!

  19. Hi there! I’m thinking of travelling to Shanghai with my 4-year old son and husband around 9-10 January 2006. This is our first time in Shanghai. I have travelled to Beijing, Xian, Chengde, Guilin in the middle of October 1995 or 1996. Please advise if the weather in January of shanghai is similar to October evening of Beijing (which I think is very cold). I’m worried about my little boy who has allergic rhinitis (Nasal blockage to cold and dust). Do you think I should cancel my trip? Thanks fo your prompt reply!

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  21. I am going to Shanghai end Jan. What would be the best wear? Can I wear normal office wear? When out just put on a coat? do i raedlly need a thermal?

  22. Hi,

    I’m going to shanghai during Feb, it show around 17 degree to 4 degree, do i still need a down parka coat? or thermal wear?

  23. Although I haven’t gone to shanghai,but I can learn much about it from here,and now I have a impulsion to have a look at it!

  24. @JS – Gud Gawd ! I know this place is democratic but do we really need to put up with THIS ???

  25. Hi there, I’m heading to Shanghai for the first time this year (5nov)..

    Anybody knows what do I have to buy?

    People tell me I have to buy down jackets, etc. 3 layers from what I heard.

    Is that true? Is it cold during november in Shanghai?

    Appreciate if someone tells me! Thanks. (:

  26. I feel like waking alone in winter and eating ice-cream as well, its my favourite season.

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