I am at an EMBA Class in SJTU

Very honored to stand on the stage and demo how to blog to about 60 EMBA students in the class. The demo is to show executives how to blog and how easy blogging is.

Just a demo. Hope it works.

Let’s go.

11 thoughts on “I am at an EMBA Class in SJTU

  1. It is good to have some idea what is Blog. But most of the people in the class did not see bussiness oppertunity.

  2. Jian Shuo did a great job. The EMBA students were amazed about it. Watch out for the new wave of bloggers. Their comments were, quoting Wen Xin of bokee : “I think, therefore I blog!”

  3. Someone wrote “But most of the people in the class did not see bussiness oppertunity.”

    How come?!

    Probably most of the bloggers blog just for fun, but there certainly are lots of business possibilities: be a blog service provider, develop blog software, use blog as your tool (if you are e.g. a researcher, journalist, author, analyst…), advertize in blogs, earn by having ads in your blog, ask bloggers to try out and write about your products or services (must be honest, otherwise the effect may be negative regardless of what they write), follow up blogs to know what people are writing about your (or your competitor’s) products or services, run competitions (e.g. around the world tours) asking the participants to blog as they go, lift corporate image by asking the top management to blog (they do not have to write about the business all the time, can be personal too), etc. etc.

    …just to mention few. :-)

  4. The reason is that who has the money to invest for the blog business will not go to write blogs,or even though have time to read the blog in China. Since these men come from traditional industry,they are not interested to share their thoughts with others. In China, if u want to have a successful career,go to a high level,pls keep silence.Do not give the competitors any opportunity to know what u are thinking.

    Perhaps ten years later,the children grow up in the era of blog,it’s a suitable time to recommend economic of eyeball.

  5. Well, when all these CEOs understand what blog is about, and how blogs might bring them business bla, bla, bla … I am sure by then there will be more other things that the CEOs or newer CEOs would not understand the WHYs …

    Generation gaps will always be there. No matter what.

    Perhaps this class has gone too technical for these CEOs? I do agree that some participants questioned the curriculum. To me, perhaps the both screening of the candidates + curriculum. But, it is a new programme, lots of learning curves.

  6. Interesting. That must be a Chinese program (taught in Chinese) so I guess you presented in Chinese.

    I’m part of the GEMBA program at SJTU. Would have been interesting if you presented for us.

  7. I am surprised there is a blog demo as part of an EMBA program. If I were one of the students, I would ask for refund….

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