Biggest Kijiji Logo So Far

This is maybe the largest Kijiji logo we painted so far in Kijiji China.

Update November 16, 2005

More information about the pictures.

I took the picture in Anji in Zhejiang province. It was an outing with Kijiji team. We brought projector and projected the slide to the mountains or village houses. The last picture was the Chinese version of the Kijiji logo on the mountain. It is HUGE. Although on the picture, it is not as bright or big as it really seemed to be.

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Kijiji Logo on roof


Kijiji logo on wall


Kijiji from people


Logo on mountains

10 thoughts on “Biggest Kijiji Logo So Far

  1. Aha, I have been there.

    It’s the source of Huangpu river

    and I washed my feet there.


  2. well it’s located right next to my hometown — a small village in south HuZhou.

    and Anji seams to be part of huzhou, too :)


    I found a bug here, use the “Preview” button to preview the post first, and click on the “post” button, the server returns a “404 not found”. same problem not found if I click on the “post” directly when doing reply. Fix it if possible.


  3. hi,

    sorry for this delayed reply but does kijiji have an english version of the china site? i couldnt seem to find it…thanks.. as will be going to shanghai and nanjing shortly :)

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