Chongming Hotel

This question is rare, since not many people go to Chongming.

Dear Sir,

I visit your personal web site and blog site, because I trying to find

somes information about Chongming Island.

In fact I need to find a hotel on Chongming, where I will stay during 2

weeks for works, but I can not find any hotel information on the web.

Could you please help me and tell me if it is more easy to stay in Shanghai

and go to Chongming every day.

There are some hotels on the Chongming Island, but I don’t think they have websites yet. The only thing I can confirm is, it is impossible to going to Chongming back and forth on daily basis. It takes about 1 or 2 hour for the ferry. The hotel on the Shanghai side is not much better than the Chongming side unless you go to the downtown, which takes another 1 hour. Hope my Chongming Trip report helps to understand the distance.

7 thoughts on “Chongming Hotel

  1. Thanks for the information about the delay with the ferrie.

    I will try to find a hotel on Chongming because I cannot stay in Shanghai and go to Chongming every day.



  2. Hi there,

    I plan to go to Chongming but my travel agent in Singapore could not tell me how to get there, all they know is I need to fly to Shanghai then go to Chongming by car.

    Could you advice me the convinient way to get there and the best hotel over there.



  3. hi there. i am a student in shanghai and im wondering if you could give me guide whether what place is nice to visit.

    so far ive visited most shopping center like nanjing road, huaihai road, xu jia hui, zhong shan park and even qibulu.

    and ive also visited buddha jade temple and yuyuan. do you know other place i could visit? any recommendation? and as for chongming island, id like to know the approximate fare and schedule [if you know] of the ferry and how to go to the port. moreover how long do you think it need to take to travel across the island? do i need to stay overnight there?

    and may be the name of the nice place to visit in chongming island. [may be in english or pinyin because my chinese is not so good]

    thanks so much.

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