Luoyang Trip Report

During the Oct, I am back to my hometown in Luoyang. Here is the photo report of the city. Let me spend some time to explain what the photos mean. Please keep in mind Luoyang is a second tier city in China – it is not Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or a privince capital. It is just one of very normal cities in China with 1 million urban population and 6 million total population.








10 thoughts on “Luoyang Trip Report

  1. JS, Happy Holiday!

    Through your photos, the city of Luoyang looks like a nice town.

    I Love Henan and its people! I know I’m being bias on this. But I have a very reason for it. 50% of my children’s genes are came from Henan. My family is planning on visiting Henan soon.

  2. It looks like Luoyang is like a lot of other cities in China that have lost their souls… Luo Yang, Nanjing, to name a few

  3. Some cities in Henan are very dirty, in all aspects…street, food, AIDS…, be careful when you travel there

  4. I am working on an indian style buddhist temple at luoyang for my thesis project. I am a final year student of Architecture in India. I am looking for some picture of vacant sites near the jian river or in the international garden beside the baima temple which could be a probable place for building my temple.kindly mail me if you have any at

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