Some Hot Keywords in Google

I changed the design of individual page a little bit and found it helps a lot. The individual page on this site appeared on some very hot keywords. It brings me a little surprise. Here are some examples:

eBay China

China Job

Blogger Chinaflight ticket

shanghai metro


  1. Hi. Can you tell me how many people in China have access to the internet? I run a no cost website for writers and would like to have it translated into Chinese. How would I go about that? My website is:

    Please don’t delete. I am not selling anything.

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  3. I am looking for hotkey words fot the blog

    Every one is welcome to suggest about my blog at

  4. There are so many resources for writers. I will add this one to my blog list.

  5. Yes that is great. Can anyone tell me the way to find the most searched keyword phrases on google in the last 6 months or so?



  6. I have created new web only 1 year.I’d like to increase traffic,meanwhile my work is web designer and progrmmer. Hoping getting some business on web. My web is located in china.

    who can tell me some useful method.



  7. Do you have any keywords in Chinese?

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