Back to Tong Ji Univ. with Jun

I am back to Tong Ji University again with Jun Tang, CEO of SANDA (NASDAQ:SNDA) and my old manager Hong-Wei Hua. This time, Jun presented his fantansitic experience in U.S. The students were so amazed by the presentation. The lecture ended about one hour later than expected because of students’ request to share more stories, and un-interruptable Q&A session. MC’s several attempt to stop Q&A failed many times. Meanwhile, a book named “Beyond” written by Miss Xie was release today. It is a book about Jun and Microsoft. There are some short paragraps about me in it. The book will hit the market tomorrow.


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Mao from UUZone created a portal specially for this book.

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  1. It is kind of funny to watch the Chinese copy American business model to the letter by launching CEOs into pop rock star status. Unfortunately, the mystique surrounding those corporate bozos has long faded as evidenced by that American bestseller, “Testosterone Inc: Tales of CEOs Gone Wild” (,descCd-reviews.html) The only thing appealing to those university students, I guess, is the coveted opportunities for CEO Jun Tang, Meg Whitman, etc to rake in millions and millions of dollars in outrageous pay and dumped stocks on the market while shareholders hold bags and employees work for peanuts. Just take a look at the performance of stocks of EBAY and SNDA and you get a feel.

    Hopefully, some Chinese journalists will soon come up with a similar book with a title like ‘CEOs gone wild in China’.

  2. I’m all for it. China needs more billionaires and millionaires. Gives the public something to aspire to, and to want more for themselves. This can only lead to questioning the status quo and a desire for REAL change in China, instead of the “choices” offered to them by the elites.

  3. its funny that you brought up Shanda Entertainment since I’ve been watching their stock,which has been volatile. If the CEO of SNDA is Jun Tang, then who is Tianqiao Chen? Maybe my annual report is out-dated.

  4. I didn’t know about this lecture.. seems like us international students at Tongji aren’t told about such things. They only post the notices near the Chinese students’ classrooms or dorms.

  5. Hello all,

    I’ve been reading the articles on JianShuo’s blog both English and Chinese for awhile now, never knowing that one day I will be needing his help.

    JianShuo or anyone who is reading this, could you kindly direct me to any Tongji University Architecture student or a person who has a keen interest or speciality in the upcoming Shanghai World Expo 2010 please?

    The reason is because I am currently doing an architecture project in the National University of Singapore on the entrance of the Shanghai World Expo. I would greatly appreciate any help.

    The person’s email or personal website where I can contact him/her would be useful. Please email it to me at or visit me on my photoblog.

    Thank you!

    – J O H N N Y

  6. Johnny, I know some Tong Ji students are reading this blog. So keep your finger acrossed. Meanwhile, let me forward your comment to some of my friends in Tong Ji.

  7. Whether the guy is President or CEO, the management just sucks. I despise the management of any company that squanders shareholder’s money and lay off employees while giving itself a golden parachute. After flushing more than 400 million dollars down the toilet for their lousy venture projects and seeing its stock tumble almost 35%, SNDA management is doing the following:




    24-Aug-05 65,000 SNDA Planned Sale (Estimated proceeds of $2,224,300)

    16-Aug-05 30,000 SNDA Planned Sale (Estimated proceeds of $1,122,849)

    15-Aug-05 30,000 SNDA Planned Sale (Estimated proceeds of $1,127,550)

    12-Aug-05 45,000 SNDA Planned Sale (Estimated proceeds of $1,777,860)

    16-Jun-05 25,000 SNDA Planned Sale (Estimated proceeds of $952,400)

    15-Jun-05 25,000 SNDA Planned Sale (Estimated proceeds of $938,190)

    14-Jun-05 25,000 SNDA Planned Sale (Estimated proceeds of $955,647)

  8. J O H N N Y,


    He’s a Singaporean studying architecture at Tongji University. (undergraduate)

    He hasn’t been updating his blog lately but you can contact him using the contact form in his blog. Click on the contact link at the top right in the header image.

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