100 Anniversary of Fudan

Today is 100 Anniversary of Fudan University. Big congratulations to this famous university in Shanghai.

Typically, the two best universities in Shanghai are:

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

And people typically list the order with Fudan in the front.

100 Years of Fudan

Although China is an old country, there are not many old universities. SJTU past its 100 anniversary in 1996. Beijing University followed at 1998. Now, Fudan, and Tsinghua’s 100 anniversary will be held in 2011.

I have many good friends who graduated from Fudan. They are excellent. Fudan is more focused on literature and theoretical analysis. When I was in SJTU, students may be more fond of talking about Fudan’s higher rate of girls:boys ratio than SJTU…

5 thoughts on “100 Anniversary of Fudan

  1. I think that has been a long time for you to post a new message, now I am content with seeing a new message after waiting for so long a time.

  2. Take care of yourself, Jianshuo. I know you got a family and your wife will take good care of you. Health is important if you want to be energetic for the next day.

  3. I’d also like to congratulate Fudan, I spent a great year there and its definitely among China’s top schools.

  4. About the ratio

    I’m from SISU( Shanghai International studies University), the ratio of Girls-Boys is extremely unbanlanced, and is still going to extreme~~

    About the 1century Anniversary

    Nonsense if i ‘m here to add more compliment

    there are probably 2 flaws:

    a)The design and quality of the T-shirts. The branding is not successful~ only the yellow color makes sense. And the quality ~ o, u can’t expect 2 much for a 30-50yuan shirt. It’s out of shape after washing

    b)The performance. It’s right to invite all those celebrities. But does it make sense to ask 20 students there to sing Fudan anthem? If u wanna show it off, pal, u gonna make it big.

    Since only a few could figure out what a Fudan anthem is about, there is no need to do it.

    And if everyone in there upstage knew it and sang it, it would make a scene. reporters can take a snapshot of tears rolling in students’ eyes, the publicity soared.

    That’s a good supposition~_-,don’t u think?

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