Three Years of Blogging

This is the first day of the forth year of my blogging.

After three years (or 1095 days) of blogging, I thought this may be a bigger event for my life, but I didn’t feel it that way when this day come. This is a normal Sunday for me – Typhoon hits Shanghai again, and it starts to rain. The subtitle of Shanghai Oriental TV reminds people to stay in home and check windows and doors. Four year ago, on the same day, 9-11 event happened in New York (BTW, the most admirable exhibition I ever heard of is Here is New York). Maybe the rain brings more blue mood for me and an three year anniversary reminds me to look back to see what happened in the days before.

I’d like to invite everyone to visit my Archive Page. On this page, you will see a list of 1058 articles of the previous three years. All those marked with Bold font are hot topics with more than 10 comments. You can also click here to load the list into the search pane, making it easier to navigate through articles (IE only).

In the three years, my topics shifted a lot. From daily Shanghai life, to my travel record and to big news happening in Shanghai. Some times I intentionally ignore some hot news, and people will argue on that – why did you keep silient on this? It is the expectation.

Recently, the topic shifted a little bit from the city of Shanghai to culture and Internet, due to the shift of my own focus. I also started the Chinese version of my blog, and kept it in a pace of one article every week (It is just impossible for any one with a full time job to post two entries, one in Chinese and one in English every day).

Again, every time I review what we have accumulated on this blog, I want to thank people who commented on this blog. On English blog, 1058 entries received 111924 comments. The ratio of comment to entry is 11.27. On Chinese blog, 87 entries received 1259 comments, making the ratio to be 14.47…

I hope in the forth year, I can still be able to keep my promise from day 1 – to report “Events (in Shanghai) that affect my life (and others’)” in a personalized way.

16 thoughts on “Three Years of Blogging

  1. Wow! Happy Anniversary, Jian Shuo. those numbers you’ve compiled represent such a huge accomplishment — Congratulations!!!

  2. Hi Jian,

    I read your blog about the second time you went to church. Great stuff. You are right, God did choose you to go there on that day. I will be moving to Shanghai soon to teach English. I’d love to go to church with you if you want to!


  3. hi, a very very good blog!

    glad to reed the interesting articles!

    a suggestion, may be you can use archives catalog to list you archives!

  4. hi, a very very good blog!

    glad to reed the interesting articles!

    a suggestion, may be you can use archives catalog to list you archives!

  5. and i also like to take a trip by bicycle: from zhongshan park to pudong airport

    and from shanghai shanghai to hangzhou

  6. I dont read your blog for all this time now, but I would like to also send you congratulations from germany on the third birthday of your blog ;D

    I am interested into blogs since they were just called online diaries, and since then, it has become pretty hard for me to just follow the ones I really started to like, for they were done by friends or relatives, or did just meet some interest of myself. And I know how hard it can be do a post any day, and I saw many people fail on that mission.

    So my deepest respect to you, Jian Shuo, and please keep it going – as well as for you as for your readers ;D

    With best regards from Hamburg, Germany,


  7. hi Jianshuo… I happened came cross your site when I was searching some information about Shanghai.

    Your blog is very nice, wish I can master English as well as you do.

    good job :)

  8. Congratulations,I found your site one month ago.It’s a window that you can look China and the world through.Of course,studying english.But,I am confused that I can read a lot of but I cannot write a little.I wonder if you would give me some advice.thanks

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