My 17 “OR” Articles

Chedong is my good friend and a search engine expert. He wrote an article on his blog named: 15 OR of Wang Jian Shuo (I found this is 976th article from him already)

We discussed two topics I wrote: one is Enjoy Doing or Being Able to Do and Dislike Doing or Starting to Do. Then Chedong get back and used Google to get a list of 15 articles. I just searched and got 17 results (Maybe I changed to English interface?) The question I asked include:

  1. Where to Study Chinese, Beijing or Shanghai?
  2. Pudong or Puxi
  3. Mandarin or Shanghaiese?
  4. To Tip or Not to Tip
  5. To Focus or Not?
  6. Car or Bicycle?
  7. Sina, Sohu or Netease?
  8. To Continue or Not? Confusing in China Blogsphere
  9. Dislike Doing or Starting to Do
  10. Blog, to Host it or Not?
  11. House of Flying Daggers (or Shi Mian Mai Fu)
  12. Thinking in English or Chinese
  13. Enjoy Doing or Being Able to Do
  14. Media – Should I Love It or Hate It?
  15. To Host It or Not? Confusing in China Blogsphere
  16. Sina, Sohu or Netease?

You will see how many questions (confusion) I have in the past three years. Further, I found Google intitle search is a great way to organize the articles by keywords. For example, you will find the following search result useful on the topics:

taxi metro bus PVG maglev

Chedong suggested me to add a “OR” tag on the article and finally we agreed that it is by no means can an author find out a “silly” tag like “OR” when he writes the article. It has to be some thing that is discovered after many articles.


  1. 真的无聊到这样….?

  2. Ha..What a comment!

  3. google这个功能很好用哦,可以引用到blog的tag检索来啊,方便!

  4. google is good seeker.


  5. Shakespeare had a famous line (perhaps the most famous of his line) in Hamlet: To be or not to be, that is the question.

  6. Shakespeare had a famous line (perhaps the most famous of his lines ever) in Hamlet: To be, or not to be: that is the question.

  7. Very rightly written article, it arrests the attention of the reader. The subject is outlined with clear understanding and focus.

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