Yu Garden

Visit Shanghai? Want to see the most “Chinese” side of Shanghai? I suggest our dearest visitors to go to the Yu Garden.

I have been a frequently host for many foreigners to Shanghai. Every time, I arrange a tour to Yu Garden to them, and up to now, everyone is so excited about this market with no exception. It is very “Chinese” style market with everything you think can be treated “Chinese”. From nice jade to chopstick, from “duilian” to red latterns. Here is the location:

Enjoy Shanghai!

18 thoughts on “Yu Garden

  1. undeniable, the shops and eateries outside the gate of Yu Yuen are the best tourist attraction of Shanghai, the stylish venue and the product mix keep me coming back to visit every year. It should regarded as a ‘must’ visit of Shanghai.


  2. Inside of Yu Yuen are the best, it is a very Chinese style garden. I don’t expect to find more from SuZhou Gardens after I visited Yu Yuan.

  3. Do pay the reasonable entrance fee, and get inside the “real” Yuyuan, not only the market.

    (In fact “Yuyuan” itself means “Yu Garden”, so it’s unnecessary to say “Yuyuan Garden”, but it’s only done for a better understanding.)

    And there are quite some differences from Yuyuan to the Suzhou Gardens,

    so give both places a try !

    Try to visit these places mon-fri in the morning, then the crowds will be

    easier to navigate through.

    If possible, join with a chinese friend (you pay the fees, of course).

    If you find anything interesting on the market too steep priced, then take a good look and walk away. 20 min’s later you send in your friend to ask the same price, and negotiate !

    In common – always check things VERY carefully for flaws and mishaps.

    Usually there’s no guarantee after you have left the shop.

    In general – if you buy brand name goods, the guarantee is ONLY valid for max. 1 year, and ONLY inside China (no automatic international guarantees here).

  4. Most developed cities do need some this kind of streets or areas.

    Most Chinese are looking forward to live in a “Modernised” city, however meanwhile we are losting those called “tradition”.

    Altough I was very impressed by the amazing buildings in Tokyo, I was happier when saw some “Jinja” (Japanese traditional shine) while I was staying in Japan.

  5. I was there last time I was in Shanghai, it’s really nice… I like the Chinese style of gardens very much. Greetings from good old Germany, Stefan.

  6. Dear Jian Shuo

    I sent you an e-mail responding to the “Volunteers Wanted” request that you posted June 16,2004 (to the e-mail address you listed). I’m afraid I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to blogs – so if you don’t respond by e-mail, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to receive your response.

    Please advise

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  7. PS:

    Proofreading correction of article above (actually your command of the English language is quite exemplary) I wish I could do as well in your language. [see below]

    I have been a frequent host for many foreigners to Shanghai. Every time they visit, I arrange a tour to Yu Gardens for them, and up to now, everyone has been very excited after visiting this market without exception. It is a very “Chinese” style market with everything you could want which can be considered as “Chinese”. From nice jade aricles to chopsticks, from “duilian” to red lanterns. Here is the location:

    (I made only slight corrections – as I did not want to modify the wonderful way in which you express yourself)

    Best regards


  8. PPS:

    You are exactly 13 hours ahead of NYC time – so – if it would please you to have me phone you please advise a convenient date & time (please specify if you are mentioning Shanghai or NYC time)



  9. PPPS:

    I noticed a spelling error on my part in my translation above.

    The last line – (aricle) should be: article



  10. First of all let me congratulate you uopn your new position in Kijiji. (I was reading about your recent job change)

    I was reading your response to a blogger who asked about having an English version of Kijiji.


    I have another idea – not for expats necessarily, but for persons who speak English (and don’t speak Chinese) who wish to purchase items in China, be it collectibles or other – what about them?

  11. Let’s be honest: Jianshuo’s English is not perfect. But when you read, you know what he is talking about. We are not looking for a professional writer or journalist. I write in English too. If you are interested, come and take a look!


  12. To admin:

    regarding donews

    I looked, I saw & I departed.

    Not very impressive, is it?

    I prefer Jian’s site personally.



  13. starbucks coffee in “Yu garden” is very small.




  14. I visited Yu Yuan 25 years ago, and it was a wonderful attraction. The areas was full of local life. I was in Yu Yuan three times during the last year. I like the development in Shanghai. Yu Yuan is still beautiful, but the area outside Yu Yuan is a tourist trap.

  15. I am going to the Yu Gardens the end of may. How can I best experience this sight?

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