Kai-Fu Joined Google China

Lee Kai-Fu Joined Google and will be the president of Google China.


  1. What an old news!

  2. predict that many MSRA guys will pursuit him to google..

  3. *We want to to apologise to Jinshuo GG for riding on the riding on the coattails of his fame*

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  4. You should have posted this news in your Chinese blog:)

  5. some foreign people think chinese is not honesty.


  6. Yes, sleepless in shanghai? I thought your site is sleepy in shanghai.

  7. Hi Jian Shuo Wang,

    I want to know what about the current working of Google in china. I think some people within china can best tell about the google. What common users think about the google? and how will you rank the google among other search engines?

    Usually, you know well, that all over the world, google is no 1 search engine. But i think the conditions may be different in china. If you got some time, please let me know.


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