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Let me get rid of my hotmail backlog. Sometimes, I can check hotmail account several times to se if there is no emails for me, but some time (just like recently), I didn’t check it in the last two days and found 50+ new emails. I know I missed more recently. I have to appologize for not responding to many emails about information on Shanghai, such as how to get from one location to the other, how to buy certain goods in Shanghai. I really love to answer these questions, but it is obvious that I don’t have the bandwidth to handle that. Many one idea is to ask for some volunteers to help, but I believe I don’t have time to manage this, the other idea, I guess is better, is to direct the questions to a volunteer groups, It is a small group of people living in Shanghai willing to help people. Dan Washburn, the famous journalist, my good friend and a frequently mentioned person on this blog, started the website and I am honorablely be part of the team. Although I told Dan that I may not be able to contribute a lot, Dan still kindly kept me in the membership list:

Shanghai blogs

Bingfeng Teahouse

China Herald

Micah Sittig


Running Dog

Shanghai Eye

Shanghai Diaries


Wang Jian Shuo

They have formed up some ways to help people to answer questions about Shanghai. The column is called Ask Shanghaiist. On the website, Dan said: “Need answers? Advice? Ask Shanghaiist! Email shanghaiist(@)”

BBS on this site is also a good choice. The community may help.

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  1. Why do you stick with a measly 2Mb Hotmail account? I know that they once ‘promised’ a 250Mb account, but they still have yet to keep their promise. Why not use a Gmail (2401 MB at the time of posting this comment), or Yahoo (1Gb) account? If you want, I could send you an invite for GMail.

    Am curious, is your loyalty with Hotmail, simply because you work for Microsoft?

    Btw, here’s more details of that promised 250 Mb Hotmail account,

  2. Hot mail? What’s that?

    Before U go to sleep


    After U wake up


    Time for me to go to sleep. Sleepless in Shanghai is just a name.

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