Shanghai Under Stress Test

The weather is hot and all kinds of functions of Shanghai are therefore under a stress test – a test that seldom happened so strong before. The 37 – 39 exteremely hot weather not only generated red high temperature alarm, (later changed to black high temperature alarm), but also generated huge volume of phone calls and emergency on-site request.

Taxi? Never Think About it.

8:00 AM in the morning, the air starts to burn my skin. The Sun almost killed me. It is impossible to get a taxi at this time – there is almost no taxi, no to mention empty one. Calling the taxi service numbers, like 96961, 6258000 – whatever number you call – the line is always busy. I know they have a very large call center, but the volume should be bigger. Waiting for half an hour for a taxi in the burning air is not good experience, especially when you see people are waving their hands to call taxi along the road, you know the possibility for you to get one is almost zero.

Fresh Water?

Newspaper reports many workers distributing fresh water got sick after working in the Sun, and the demand for fresh water increased dramatically, and people cannot get their water in time. The service line is also busy.

Air Conditioner

The hot weather added burden to A/C and some breaks. The repaire center got so many calls that they can only schedule the on-site to several days later. A lot of people complaint about it on radio station (I heard one this morning) and on TV, on newspaper, but there is no good solution since the repairing forces are so limited.

11 thoughts on “Shanghai Under Stress Test

  1. hi,

    I have some difficulty in registration. Could you help me please? Thanx.

    My ueser name is vivizhu.

  2. I can image how hot it is as I am from south China, but that doesn’t mean I can bear this kind of burning weather! (T.T)

    What happen to the weather? It’s only the beginning of July, and there are two more months to go this summer~

  3. Yesterday morning I called the taxi services at 62580000. The operator asked me to wait and then told me there was no taxi available around my neighborhood. So I decided to try my luck on the street and again I didn’t see any that was not occupied. Yeah around this time of the year, I guess the big bosses of taxi services are laughing their asses off now.

  4. the answer to Richard’s question is : global warming.

    Humans’ ignorance & reluctance to take care of, preserve and love our environment & Mother Nature :(

  5. Hi, I’ve check weather forcast from CNN . It’s shown that Shanghai has heavy rain . How about SH now . I will be their on Sat 9,2005 . Thank you

  6. Alot of people -> creates heat

    Alot of Taxis running on the road -> creates heat

    Alot of A/C running -> creates heat

    All equals to more heat, and next year will be ever more hotter than today, number of days over 40c will increase dramatically, eventually the city becomes inhabitable then people will begin to realise.

    We should not focus on economy growth figures but rather on our enivronment. Because economy is killing it – literally.

  7. A/C definitely creates much heat, and your computers may generate heat as well.

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