Kathleen’s 5 Rooftop Restaurant

Eric and Jessica always have the ability to find great places for afternoon tea. Kathleen’s 5 Rooftop Restaurant is at the top of the Shanghai Musuem of Art – the

It has one of the best natural view of the city – the People’s Park is all below the restaurant and the landscape of both Pudong and Puxi are far behind the park. The tea is 30 RMB, which is very reasonable for the price – the coffee at the Starbucks nearby is 25 RMB (for tall mocha).

Shanghai has many great places like this. We went to a Peace Mansion for dinner, and I stayed there till 10 PM. It is rare that they have the best food, and the nice environment. It is located at 158 Fenyang Rd, with tel: 64375193. I was there with my computer and read Alan de Botton’s book. It was wonderful night, expect the mosquito in the garden.


4 thoughts on “Kathleen’s 5 Rooftop Restaurant

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    How does Kijiji.com decide wich country to open a branch site?


  2. Kathleen’s 5 is a great discovery. The open air balcony and glass walls give it an very open and airy feeling. I have been there several times and have enjoyed a nice meal.

  3. Joel, it is a complicated question. There are too many factors on this – the slightest one, for example, may be very simple – cannot find the right person for that market. There are more than 1000 factors for this decision, i believe, but it has to be decided by fewer people in limited time – that is what people call the Business Instict, I guess.

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