My Site is Almost Legal in China

Tonight, a long Friday night, I don’t have too many things to do at around 23:00 in the office. The office is completely empty. Only the small noisy laptop is with me. Well. Maybe it is the good time to register my blog with the government – 13 days before the deadline.

The registration process itself is not complicated, at least not as complicated as registering at another free email provider. It seems so easy maybe because I expect it to be a long process. Here is what I did, in case you are interested.

1. Get a user name and choose a password.

2. Enter email address and mobile phone number. It is the first time mobile phone number is required I have experienced though.

3. Wait a SMS to be sent to my mobile phone and an email to be sent to my email address. The SMS contains a 8 digit confirmation code, and the email is the same.

4. Login into the system and enter the two 8-digits number. At this time, I know that someone can reach me by mobile or email and I cannot say, it is not my mobile.

5. Enter the required information. It seems all of the information is required, including: Name, Mobile, Home phone, Home address, Domain name, Host provider, Organization

7. After I submit all the information, I should wait until someone review my application and decide whether to grant me the certificate or not.

Finally, is almost legal now.

29 thoughts on “My Site is Almost Legal in China

  1. hmm.. Another example of China that must have complete control over media. I guess, There is no ACLU (american civil liberties union) or something that is similar in China? Need some people to protect the rights of the individual. but then again, better just make it legal since

    failure to comply with the new regulations before June 30, 2005 could result in fines of up to one million Yuan ($120,000). Outch! This

    is true? what are the consequences if you don’t comply?

  2. Hi JS, it’s good to have visited your site again after some time and nice to know this’ll be legal anytime soon. How much would it cost you to register your blog by the way? Thanks and have a great weekend! ;)

  3. Wow, I had forgotten that all this time you were functioning “under the radar”! My fingers are crossed that there are no snags in the process for you and this wonderful exchange of information will be able to continue freely.

    Now, do I understand that you were still at your office at 23:00 hours (11PM our time) with “nothing to do”?! By any chance, did you consider the possibility of going home to get some sleep? ;-)

  4. IPC备案…hoho…那个系统前两天发邮件有2天的延时…我的备案号是6天后发给我的…:-)…

  5. Well, legaly and officially, your blog IS legal as of today, as the registeration and approval has yet become mandaotry requirements until the deadline. So, your registration application makes your blog almost legal for even after the deadline era. I just want to be sure that I am visiting and writing on a “legal” blog. :)

  6. congratulations! although it cost u some money, you can own a legal website and need not worry about that matter.

    money can save something.

    have a good weekend!

  7. Well. The registration is free. It only takes time. Previously, in Shanghai, it charges for 500 RMB (in the year 2002), and now it is.

    I am not saying my site is safe after the registration. My site is NOT safe no matter I register or not. The only difference is, I have all my information registered, and when I say something wrong, well, someone can nicely help me correct it by knocking my door. :-)

  8. Frankly speaking, you should prepare for a failiure application. My application for failed…

  9. Hi, this is my first time to come to your blog, which is so cool.

    I do bookmarked it.

    Thanks a lot.

    Have a good day.

  10. I know MSN Spaces has complied with the government’s mandate that words like “freedom” and “democracy” be stricken from blogs…I wonder if there will be similar mandates for self-registered blogs such as your own.

    I also wonder if the “Voldemort” effect has taken over there. In Harry Potter, no one can say the word “Voldemort” because he is just too evil to even mention by name. Instead they call him by “he who must not be named,” but everyone knows who they are talking about. I wonder if the Chinese have developed such a system for the word “freedom” and other banned words. Like a code system…how about we call freedom “flying chicken” or “fei ji”?

  11. the website(miibeian) is so cheap that it may have been hacked by many people, and all your private information may have been stolen.

    Well, I registered an account using an email address like, but yesterday I’ve got an advertising email in that address, I never use that address on any other website at all. So, the two possibilities are 1)MIIBEIAN has been hacked. 2)it sold our private information to others.

  12. An earlier blogg statement by tony … “hmm.. Another example of China that must have complete control over media. I guess, There is no ACLU (american civil liberties union) or something that is similar in China? Need some people to protect the rights of the individual…”

    I wonder who is looking after all the civil liberties of 100,000 innocent Iraqi’s who were killed by the invading US troops looking for oil “security” for the USA!… go to the open market and pay $60 per for it ! Is Tony going to blame China for the price increase also ?

    In the US the media is controlled by a group of neo cons (Fox) and independent journalists & US moslems are shit scared.

    where are all the liberals & ACLU ?

  13. JianShuo

    could you have paid for ‘express super fast’ registration for your Blog rather than wait the standard 18+ months?

    in the US you can almost always pay a premium fee for express review/approval of your application whether it is for a passport or most anything else

  14. well, i’m new to your space, and i’m having similar problems (even greater, as a matter of fact). so, where do you register electronically? here, you’ve given the steps (thank you!), but haven’t mentioned the site for registration. would be great if u can help out on this as well!!! :)

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  16. i want to regd my company from china plz send me any web side or any add or any contect Number plz.

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