I Love Shanghai!

Wendy and I talked with three senior guys in the media industry in a cafe near the Shanghai Railway Station. They are in their 40’s and experienced the change of Shanghai. Since I am new to the classified business, they provided guidance and shared their experiences with me in a very candid way. They acted as a tunnel for me to travel back into the history of Shanghai for the latest 20 years. My direct feeling is, it is so nice to be in Shanghai.

The businessmen in Shanghai are very down to earth. They calculate everything, plan everything in a thorough way and execute it in a solid manner. They also willing to offer help to young people like me. This is the spirit of Shanghai. Although at the very begining, people may feel Shanghai people are too focused on small money, small things, on the other hand, it can be treated as solid ways of doing things.

Getting back to home around 11:30 PM, driving on the elevated highway of Shanghai and got to the center of the city. The whole city is still bright with cars moving to every directions. There are much more than the view in this city. The spirit keeps inspire me to do something solid. Shanghai is really the place to do something solid.

20 thoughts on “I Love Shanghai!

  1. yes, it is.

    a city you can do business solidly, not many puffers around there.

  2. Shanghai presents great opportunity if you are smart and careful about what you do. China continues to be “the place to be” for business.

  3. Great photos — of classroom, teaching, and giving me a clue about what “cafes” might look like. I will be going to China this summer for the first time.

  4. i really like the city, life is life, sometimes down to earth, sometimes fly in the sky.

    but the city always offers us the convenience and opportunities.

    thanks SH.

  5. I’m not a big fan of Shanghai, but in general its a wonderful feeling in China (or really in any big city) to be driving (or riding in the car) through the downtown late at night with all the lights still on but very few cars on the road, I love it!

  6. 上海人的悲哀?


    “pretty woman is bitch”,因为她比较胖,位子已经坐了6人,她挤不进去.别人让他不要挤.她太胖了坐不下.她用上海话骂了几次,又用英文骂了两次.


  7. It is the sad story for that woman, but I don’t think it is the sad story for Shanghai. In any city, there should be bad things and good things. From one person’s point of view, when we experience it, we may have bad impression of a city (personally), but I don’t think it is justified to say it is what the city really looks like. I am not backing Shanghai’s image. My point is, we need to be careful to claim one city is good or bad, or better/worse.

  8. I fully agree with Jian Shuo.

    There are nice people and nasty people in all places, we’d better think twice before we make a conclusion…

    …and Raider, if I really hate a place, I would choose to move… nobody will force me to stay in a place that I hate…

  9. I think SH is a wonderful city, although I’ve never been there! I love SH!

  10. Reply to “上海人的悲哀?”.

    It’s 上海的悲哀. Not 上海人’s.

    Shanghai is an immigrant city. We don’t even know if that woman is Chinese or not.

    Also, things like that could happen anywhere in the world. I’ve seen much worse in Hong Kong, Canada and America.

  11. all in all, SH is the most advanced cities in China.The nasty bahaviors maybe will be more common in the other cities.the root of this phenomenon is the lack of development .

    Don’t be naively thinking that in Americans and English men are all gentlemen and have the nature of politeness by nature.because they are well educated.today a grow number of youngsters are willing to offer their seats to pregnant women or the aged. after all , shanghainess if toward a better habits.

  12. I av visited this blog from time to time, it’s a good thing to learn something different in the other city. I live in Amoy(xiamen, China). It’s a really nice place to live in and every one behaves in a way that we are like a family. if you ever take a bus, you will see many people smile to you, and they give you their seats when there are senior or pregnant ones in sight. Though sometimes you feel so low due to some other reason, you have no reason to attribute the bad things to a city, it’s just personal feeling. I had been in SH for 1 month in the past year, it’s a crowed city with famulous speed in daily life. It’s just my characterism that I don’t like the city, but it’s a developped city in PRC, you have reason to believe that it’s a city with it’s charm in some way.

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