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Recently, to get more space for my team, we moved to Zhang Jiang High Tech Park, which is in Pudong. In Shanghai, there are many places like the Silicon Valley in U.S, and Zhang Jiang is among the earliest and the biggest. It is at the east terminal station of Metro Line #2, and not too far from the Pudong Airport (about 25 km away?) The air is completely fresh. There are many trees, and parks with very few traffic. It is just like San Jose – without a car, actually there is not much to do there.

Zhang Jiang has been the top destination (my guess without solid data support) for high tech companies. The registered companies there enjoy many tax benifits and better government policies. More and more companies are moving in and the space is starting to be hot. I remember years ago, it can easily offer big area of land for big companies to setup headquarters there. Now, it is another story – the companies have to try very hard to get into the space.

I will post some pictures soon.

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  1. Oh…That’s my hometown. My home is on Gu Tong Rd. I miss it so much…

  2. I remeber that about six years ago Mr. Hu Hongliang, one of the VPs at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Co., came to the Silicon Valley to introduce the park. The meeting was held in a very samll conference room at a start-up company in Fremont. There were only about 15 people at the meeting. In his slides, Mr. Hu showed us that there would be a subway to the park directly from the downtwon soon… That was probably the evry first time people in the Silicon Valley ever heard of Zhangjiang. What a progress has been made since then!

  3. Hey, share with us your experience of the catering please…Does it have choices as many as Raffles? Haha….I am thinking about open a restaurant there…

  4. Hi there,

    My husband and I need to relocate in Shanghai in July due to my husband’s job situation. We need to find an apartment (either buying or renting) and I need a job. Is Zhangjiang commutable place from downtown since my husband’s office is in downtown? Also, please give me any advice how to get a job in Shanghai. I am an AICPA with MBA degree and have 10 plus years of work experience.

  5. Hey Kim,

    Zhangjiang is not a suitable place to live if you work in downtown, you’d better rent a house close to your office.

    Regarding getting a job in Shanghai, I may help if you provide more info (by email

    Best Regards,

    Nicky He

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