Attended FT Charity Dinner

I had the honor to be invited to the FT Charity Gala Dinner named the Art of Living at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. It gives me the feeling that Shanghai is definitely under the spot light of the world these days. The CEOs of the top luxury brand like Broini, Gucci, Richmon,、Bulgari,Valentino, Prada gathered in Shanghai to hold the meeting. It was something like the Oscar in U.S, and issued some awards to the talented new comer.

It was quite an amazing event for me. I was in IT industry for too long time and had almost no idea about fashion. The event I attended are the gathering of young people. The dress code was always T-Shirt. :-) Although people call the attendants “white collar”, I believe the better title should be “round collar”. :-)

The dress code for this event was, to my surprise, “black tie”. I was familiar with dress code like casual, business casual, business formal… It is the first event I have ever attended with dress code “black tie”. It was rare for me. I dressed up with black suites with a tie – it was the most fomal suite I had, but still found I am among the minority. Most gentleman wear “black bow tie”, and ladies wear evening dress. I was a little bit embarrased, but I comfort myself that “I have wear formal enough for an IT guy. At least I didn’t apear with T-Shirt.”

I know most of them are super famous in the luxury world, but the only person I know were Jin Yuxi 靳羽西, the “most famous woman in China” by People magazine. Her sharp red dress was wonderful. I also enjoyed the performance of the 12 Girl Band (女子十二乐坊). The interesting detail was, there are 13 girls in red on the T-Stage. It was interesting.

Thanks for Judi to invite me to the event. It was eye opening for me. Meanwhile, I feel Shanghai, as a city, is more close to the spot light of the world, and is much closer to the world. At least, it has become a choice for desitination of many world-class event, just like London, New York and Paris. Although there may be many years for Shanghait to catch up in many areas, especially in art, and people area, it is becoming better and better.

4 thoughts on “Attended FT Charity Dinner

  1. En,I agree that it is important to a international city,but I still feel it is too far away from my life.

    The word “fashion” always links to luxury,wasteful,boring or corrupt in my mind,maybe I had learnt too much about Communism…FT

  2. I think they waste their money in clothes.

    They may support poor person.

  3. Well.I don’t think fashion means only luxury. It’s a form of art. It depends on your attitude. Common people can also be fashionable. That can be seen everywhere in our life, esp. in cities like Shanghai. Don’t get yourself blocked off from it. Remember, you can be fashionable too. :-)

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