I Paid for Flickr Pro

At the first try of Flickr, I know I will pay for this service. It is only a matter of time. Today, when I wanted to upload, the bandwidth I have used reached 99% and I cannot upload. I am not frustrated at all, since my credit card is ready within my reach. I paid 24.95 USD for the Flickr Pro immediately. It works great. Now I have 2G disk space (or bandwidth) and permement archive (for one year).

Before I paid, I noticed there are 2 new mails. I was quick enough to complete the payment and thought I can check the mail later. It prooved I was completely wrong.

In one mail, my reader snack offered a free flickr account for me: “I have a Pro account, and they gave me 2 additional Pro accounts to give away for free. I have one left – would you like it?”. I would definitely say “I like it”, if I didn’t pay. :-) I would like to thank Snack for the kindness so much. Flickr account is a perfect gift to share, I agree.

8 thoughts on “I Paid for Flickr Pro

  1. I have a same story:

    Last October, I bought my first laptop computer and show it off to my every friend, one of my friends who works in IBM told me, “I can buy a much cheaper one with the employee identity, why not contact me first…”

  2. Seems Flickr’s security is not good.

    I added jianshuo as my friend.

    I saw some private photos of him from my contacts’ photos page.

    I believe he didn’t add me as friend yet.

    Any when I click at them, it shows I don’t have permission.

  3. I see you guys have a whole bunch of Flickr Pro accounts and don’t know what to do with them! Well, I don’t have a Pro account, so if you’d like, give one to me! My Flickr nickname is Jurica Goja, and my e-mail is jurica.goja@gmail.com, so there are a lot of ways to contact me if you’re interested in sharing your accounts.



  4. A photo I know I had made “private” before they started charging for the site became public and some asshole posted it on a chat forum.

  5. please please please id love a new free pro account!!!!!it would be awesome, as i have well over 1000 photos!!! hahaha

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