Gift to Selim Freiha

Selim helped me a lot for the business. I chatted with him today and we searched Selim Freiha, his name, in Google, and found some. I said: “My PageRank in Google makes it possible for me to mention your name and I am sure the page will be the first result in Google soon.”

So, here is the test page. I present it as a gift to Selim, the great guy who knows Excel extremely well. Let’s see if it goes to the top of the search result in Google after three days – Google now index my site at max interval of 3 days now.

P.S. The last time I attempted to do the same thing was about Wicresoft, the Joint-Venture of Microsoft. Now it is the second result for Wicresoft in Google. :-)

5 thoughts on “Gift to Selim Freiha

  1. Jian Shuo…this is very exciting. I cannot wait for the first index to see what happens. Thanks for the special gift!!

  2. Yes, I just noticed this morning. Pretty amazing how popular your blog is. Thanks again for the gift. Have a safe trip back to China…it was wonderful meeting you.

  3. Haha. Selim, I am happy you like the gift. I always try to send different kind of gifts to my friends. If you want to put a big picture of your, your lovely kids or something on to this page, I can help. :-)

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