Trip to SFO

I am afraid there may be a short pause in the following days. I will be on my trip to SFO. I know I have lots of friends there in SFO, like Carroll. however, I am not sure if I have time during the trip to meet everyone. Maybe a Sunday meet-up (April 24) in Starbucks in SFO before I get on my flight is possible. The Art of Travel told people that when you assume that there is nothing new in something, you lose the passion for doing it. It applies to travel. I remember that when I was in middle school, I spent the whole month preparing my train travel to Beijing. But now, I didn’t pack anything for my flight of tomorrow yet. The easy answer is, I had enough time to spare for the training travel and I am just too busy these years. However, the real answer, as de Botton suggested: I lost the excitement as a traveler when I assume the UA858 is still the UA858 I experienced many times before, and the airport is still the familiar land I visited before. It is 11:00 AM PST, and I just finished some work. I hope I won’t experience too bad jet lag since I have been working according to the San Jose time for quite some days. :-)

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  1. May you experience the ordinary and the world with fresh eyes. That way..everyday can become exciting for you :-) If you like to draw cards (re:previous post!) may like this website Have a fruitful trip!

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