Nice Meetup at the Exhibition

It was a nice meetup this afternoon.

Hao, Elfe, Yiyi, Wanty


Faintz, Byebye

Edward, Claire, Jian Shuo

Jialin and his wife

Eddie and his wife

Xiaofeng, and Danzhu

and about 10 more people I didn’t capture the name. Who else came? Please sign your name down to the comment section.

Edward put a lot of pictures on this event.

4 thoughts on “Nice Meetup at the Exhibition

  1. my french schoolmate Laurent

    spanish couple Luis and Raquel

    it was nice, indeed !

  2. jianshuo, thanks for your time sharing your great experience regarding various aspects. and I enjoy the reading of “The art of Travel” a lot:)

    look farward to the next event.

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