Internship is Best Way for Good Job

I had wonderful meetup with my friends whom I had the opportunity to work with: Xiao Wen, Xiang, Zhen Hua, Ming Jie, and Liu Hua… The afternoon in Xian Zhi Xuan was among the most happy hours I had in the week.

One of the biggest achievements I had in Microsoft was to be able to hire some talented interns and worked with them to make sure they learn something from the great company, and helped on their career.

I counted all the interns I hired in my previous work and was positively surprised by the final results.

8 of them finally entered Microsoft

Many others entered Intel, Unilever, Boston Consulting Group, National Instrument, ASUS.

4 continued to work on their doctor degrees in famous university in U.S. or in Shanghai

It prooves that to get an internship in famous companies is the best shortcut to secure a position in the company. The ratio is too high. I am sure 80% of my previous interns got the best they can imagine. If a university student start to think about the future job only in Grade 4, it is just too risky – when their peers already secured the position.

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  1. At some time things happened just as you said, but at some time they did not.

    The question is, how could you be sure that every manager (or leader) who hired interns hold the same thought as you?

    Maybe they just want to make use of those interns but not to help them? Maybe because they themselves had some troubles the interns will be kicked out, too.

    My suggestion to those who are looking for a job is, “try to catch every opportunity that may occurs in front of you”. No matter how high the ratio of being hired is, do not lie on it.

    One thing I want to emphasis at last is “Gold will always shine.” (sorry I forget how the original sentence is, Chinese will know my meaning, right?)

  2. I absolutely agree with Jian Shuo that “to get an internship in famous companies is the best shortcut to secure a position in the company” for new graduates. Work experience in famous companies is also the most valuable personal capital for one’s career development. I work at an executive search firm, do selecting and matching all the time. Our main clients are IT multinational companies such as Microsoft, Intel, IBM, HP, Cisco, Oracle… For most of hiring managers and staffing managers, the candidate’s company (or brand name) and position (or job role) matching or not is always their first concern. That’s the reality.

  3. That’s the problem with companies in Asia. Most of them only go by “brand” and not talent. They only look for those who attended top tier schools and/or have had experience at Fortune 500 companies. It’s a sad reality and if everyone is as demanding as those, what’s the reason for studying for those who may be underprivileged but are intelligent and talented in so many ways?

  4. i’m a finance major student in my penultimate year, i fully understand the importance of an internship, but it just turned out to be difficult for me to get one, either through the career center at my university or applying directly through the websites of companies, do u have any suggestion on how to get a summer intern position at those fortune 500 in shanghai or anywhere else? thanks a lot!

  5. I agree with Jian Shuo pretty much.

    Here is my present dilemma.

    I graduated from FDU in June 2003, but I didn’t hunt a job before graduation. What I did consider about career, when I was junior, was that I’d like very much to secure a minimum degree of Master majoring in CS (me Bachelor in Chemistry).

    I’ve failed twice by now when trying to survive after the National Entrance Test for Master candidates (NETM) aiming at my Alma Mater Fudan. I now decide to hunt my first job and not to take another NETM.

    But the problem is that all my technical experience, either Internship or part-time, seems obsolete. And considering that all my anterior intern/part-time employers aren’t those business giants, and technologies have developed a lot during these 2 years, it’s hard for me to convince my interviewer that I’m capable.

    Otherwise, those so called PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION may not necessarily be expedient when hunting a job under my situation. I got certificates of IBM DB2 and Microsoft before graduation. My job-hunting experience up till now tells me clearly that those papers may not be as helpful as some internship experience in those business giants, like IBM/Intel/Microsoft.

    I’ve almost given up the idea to secure a full-time job. What I’m focusing now is Internship, esp in those huge tycoons. But it’s even more harder because current students would be more prefered.

    So comes with my agreement with Jian Shuo on this topic.

    Then, anyone willing to offer some advices to me?

    And, I’ll be hugely appreciated if some of you may offer a opportunity:)


  6. dear sir i have done graduation in IT and i am intrested to do interenship in your company

  7. If you are looking for Internships with Multinationals, once place to start is with Chambers of Commerce.

    The Chambers of Commerce have strong connections with the major companies in Shanghai and China and through them there are a number of routes in attaining internships.

    1: Attending events (Networking can be a nightmare, but many HR managers and senior management attend these events). Check out for all networking in the city.

    2: Directory searching: You can search most Chambers’ directories to find out the companies that are operating in Shanghai and China and contact them directly.

    3: Websites: You can post your resume or apply directly for jobs on Chambers’ websites, like Jobs Online at or the German Chamber who have a special intern section.

    The American Chamber of Commerce is the largest AmCham in Asia, with 1400 companies as members and is one top place to start. In addition to AmCham there are a number of other Chambers such as the British Chamber, Swiss Cham, French Chamber, Irish Business Forum, Canadian China Business Council and many more. You can find a list of these Chambers in any local expat magazine.

    Internships are a great way to start, so keep an eye on Chambers as well as community websites like Shanghai Expat, Asia Expat etc. Guanxi is also helpful!!

  8. Hi there, I’m looking for a job in Shanghai now but without a degree, is it possible to get an internship in a large company?

    I’ve a few years of working experiences in China as assistants to GMs etc……Wanna hear your advice. Thanks

  9. I am gald to know this web from google search.I also need your help.

    I am from Nepal,China’s neighbouring country.I have degree till MBBS from Xi’an Jiaotong China.I am going to china in this october.Can you help me to get job there.

    I am ready to do any job there.

    I will be glad if you help me and please send me email if it is possibl.I do notthink there is impossible.Impossible is just word.Hope to get good news from you.

    Thanking you.

    Yours Sincerly

    Dr. Binod Kumar Yadav.

  10. @Binod, thanks for your comment, but I am afraid I cannot help you on this specific issue. Let me clarify it, that I cannot assist you to find a job in Shanghai or China. However, I do recommend you to the website my company is building: There are half million job opportunities on the site around China. Then you need to rely on yourself to get a job. Good luck.

  11. Hi,

    I am a university student from Malaysia. I am graduating end of this year.

    I am fluent in English, Chinese Mandirin, Chinese Cantonese and Malay. Besides, I can read and write a bit of Korean. My portfolio is in

    I can deal with translation, communication, planning, some photos and video editing, website design and maybe teaching as well.

    I have been yearning to get a job in Shanghai and I have been sending hundreds of resumes but do not avail.

    My major is mass communication but I am will to do anything as long as I get a job there.

    No one seems to give me opportunity though. It’s frustrating =(

    Anyone know how can I make the cut into China to work?

    Help please!

  12. Get an internship program in right place is very important for your good career. An internship can be a good learning experience for offer more internships programs in different industries like Insurance, Marketing, Public Relations,Banking.So before join any internships program keep in mind good company or place will take higher growth in your career.

  13. Hi,

    I’m looking for a job that’s required my needs in KSA in Riyadh i got the skills that they need i’m qualified and educated with good English but have no experience.

    High school / Diploma degree and computer literate and have good communication skills with people also a very strong candidate.

    Willing to make a change.

    so please help me!

  14. I am seeking a chinese automotive engineer who is chinese national but understands / speaks english

  15. I agree with Jian Shuo pretty much.

    Here visagan Gunaratnam from Srilanka. Last month i visited beijing for medical purpose. i love the atmospher of beijing and i like to get a nice job here.

    I experienced in building construction and i m goin to finsh my diploma in civil engineering end of this december.i also have experience in web designing and computer graphic design. some of my web designs are /

    I’ve almost given up the idea to secure a full-time job. What I’m focusing now is Internship, But it’s even more harder because current students would be more prefered.

    Then, anyone willing to offer some advices to me?

    And, I’ll be hugely appreciated if some of you may offer a opportunity:)


  16. Hi, your page is awesome. I am a student from Germany and looked for an internship. And surprisingly I got one in Shanghai. It will start in April. But the reason I am on your page is that I did not know how much does it cost to live there. Thank you for the information.

    But what I learned in the last months and I want to say to all who are looking for jobs/internships is to have connections. Talk to your friends and family, if they know somebody. I wrote many application letters, and only few companies answered. And not positiv….



  17. Hej..

    Your blog is very interesting and useful, I considering to take an internship in Shanghai for 6 months starting January 2011 and this blog is very helpful for many practical things…

    I have an question about internships in general in china..

    Does an intern get paid? if they do how much?

    Does an intern get compensated for transportation costs or accommodation costs?

    and last question to Jian Shuo Wang: Do you hire intern in your current company? I am a danish student finishing my bachelor in international sales and marketing.

    Van Bui

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