Sasa Enters Shangahi

Wendy is obviously more excited when she heard Sasa is coming to Shanghai on March 26. I saw a Sara store near Istem on the Huai Hai Road. I didn’t know this store before I went to Hong Kong with Wendy last August. Actually, the major part of shopping experience in Hong Kong was going from one SASA to another – Wendy had a long list of skin-care products to buy for her friends in Shanghai. For many of them, Hong Kong = SASA. :-)

I welcome SASA’s arrive, although I personally have no interest in it at all. :-)

12 thoughts on “Sasa Enters Shangahi

  1. Hey, I wonder if the prices in Shanghai Sasa would be close to those in HK (or US). If they will still sell imported cosmetic products at the unreaonably high prices as those Shanghai’s department stores do, I don’t see much to feel excited about :) I heard China does not charge big tax on luxury cosmetic merchandises any more. Is it true? So far the price in China is definitely outrageous – I bought a gift set from EL in US for $25 + sales tax, and later found the same thing cost 590RMB in Shanghai, which was already said to be promotion price…

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  3. Sasa Enters Shangahi

    Anyway, saw a post a Jianshuo’s blog, instead of leaving a comment, I decided to right here because there’s something I guess will be sort of off-topic, yet Sasa’s related.

    A lot of people are so thrilled that Sasa’s coming to Shanghai might make a …

  4. Really? Havn’t been shopping for months. If the price is really attractive, good reason for me to spend some money again.

  5. Dear all,

    I am a regular user of skin care products from various brands. In my view, Sasa carries very limited range of products and prices are not so competitive. If you have any opportunities to visit Singapore, make sure not to lose the chance of getting cheap bargain at Singapore changi International airport departure hall. You will be amazed by the assortment of products and prices! (claimed to be the cheapest in Asia! I am not sure how true this claim is. At least, it will not lose out to HK.) Satisfaction guaranteed!


  6. Today it is the first time I have heard that sasa has entered Shanghai. I have been to HK several times. And everytime I would bring back a lot of sasa products back to the mainland for my friends and me as well. I would be very excited to hear that I could get the products of sasa in Shanghai. I am wondering about the price differences between the same products in HK and that in Shanghai. :)

  7. hmm.. lately my wife found this skin care brand SIMPLE in Watson. She kinda likes the product, however the price does not attract her to buy at all. Watson is selling double or more than double the price selling in South East Asia…. sigh…

    Why the cosmestic price in Shanghai is so costly?

  8. A family friend is a Chinese American chemist who is in HK now. His wife says that all cosmetic companies use the same formulation and add different scents and packaging but ultimately everything is useless. I think staying out of the sun and sweating through exercise is more useful. It’s not fair that Sasa used celebrity endorsers who were photographed/photoshopped with alien white skin.

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