Many People Got Cold

Many people got cold there days and I also show some symptom. This time, the infected ratio is much higher than any time before – I have the impression about 20% of people around me are sick there days. Take care. I suggest people coming to Shanghai these days to take precautions since it is more easier to get sick during travel. Maybe the change of weather contributed to the problem. The highest temperature of last Sunday was 20 while the lowest temperature dropped to 0 sharply the next day.

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5 thoughts on “Many People Got Cold

  1. Sending healing thoughts your way, wishing I lived nearby so I could bring you a big pot of soup!

  2. Seems like the cold/flu ‘minidemic’ is not just in Manila alone then. Of the 10 in the office here, over half are coughing, sneezing or got a sore throat..

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