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Be cautious to open file at this location: http://home . earthlink . net / ~ gallery 10 / omg . pif. Do not even try it. Your friends may send it via MSN Messenger today or tomorrow. DO NOT OPEN it. It is virus. I have also found people pasting link to my site, which may cause people get infected. I have added the URL into my MT-blacklist banned word list.

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  1. Couple of days ago, I received the url link to the file “parishilton.pif”. I double clicked, and the same url was sent to all the online contacts in my msn menssenger.

    But, there is no damage on the pc system.

  2. shao, you’r computer is most likely sending out dos (denial of service) attacks aginst web sites… your comp will prolly end up slowing down, you need to check (

    and they have a removal tool for that virus.. and it is sending out in many different names, and as actuall pic’s there are tif’s, and i’m sure there’s gonna be pif’s jpeg’s gif’s etc… and there are more names than what symantec has up on there… i

    also, it can block access to certin sites, so if it does that i set up( good luck if you have it

  3. bonjour!on va envoyer l’adresse j’est cliké ca ma donner 1 dossier j’est sauvegarder!

    comment on enlever ce virus sur msn?merci de me repondre!

  4. i have an msn virus.. someone sent me a link about updateing my msn and it was a virus that evrytime i am on msn it sends the link to all my online contacts and wont let me continue talking to them unless i sign out and sign back in again but this continusly happens..iv tryed removin it with a bropia removal tool but it wasnt found on my do i rid of it help me asap!!!!!

  5. hey i had the msn virus but i got rid of it by following the directions on

  6. Hey yeah I got the same sort of virus on my msn. I hope it’s gone now, my cousins friend had it on her computer 2 weeks ago and she sent me this link which I thought was a link she was giving me and opened it (stupid me) and yeah I got that awful virus on my msn. So far I downloaded this anti-removal toolbar thing which should work (crossing fingers) cause that virus is sooo annoying. At first I tried re-installing 7.0 hoping it would go away but it didn’t and then I started worrying heaps, then I went to and followed their instructions but my computer doesn’t follow up with it for some strange reason. If there is any possible one in which I can delete this virus off my msn could someone please contact me. I would be ever appreciative.

  7. hello, ive had many msn virus and because of me not checking the until its too late my comp has had £450 spent on it to recover and itstil hasnt fully worked, listen if u have any problems wiff your computer check them straight away before its too late

  8. hey people will some one please help me please , i have a virus on my msn because someone sent me a link and i opend it , i didnt think of this being a virus it said somethink about updating msn messenger and now when i sign into msn messenger it sends this link to all my contacts and wont let me talk after it has sent i then have to sign out and then back in but the same happens again and again , ive tried everythink to try get rid of this annoying virus , soo now am asking you lot and hopefully i can get rid of it will some one please help!!!!!!

  9. I have recently been attacted by this “MSN Virus” which doesn’t allow you to search for help, load anti-virus, use the taskmanager, system restore or even MSConfig. I have also noticed that people have told you to use these things such as disabling system processes in MSConfig or something like that but most of us have noticed that it just isn’t possible. I have found a possible cure to this bug but it require speed and a keen eye:

    Firstly, I tried to load MSConfig, with no luck and then turned my attention to the taskmanager. If you haven’t already realised when you load the taskmanager you get around 5 secs before it closes itself, in this time you must click “Processes” and then search for something fishy, I am not entirely sure if it is the same for everyone but I found 3 dodgy processes:

    1) (csrss is an inportant process and this bug is pretending to be an “update” of it)

    2) dark

    3) winsp3 (trying to be Windows Service Pack 3 [winsp3], which simply doesn’t exist)

    After killing and winsp3, I found it possible to open everything again, the only problem is that it will only startup again after a system restart. This is where MSConfig comes in, simply click Start -> Run and then type “msconfig” and press enter. Click on the “Startup” tab and then find the dodgy processes, in this case, dark and winsp3, deselect them and click “Apply”.

    Next you need to find these files and delete them before they reattack. So next to the process’s name in msconfig there should be a path such as “C:\WINDOWS\vjqinn\” go there and immediatly delete these files including those that didn’t occur in the taskmanager or in msconfig because they are still important. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE FILES HAVE BEEN VERY WELL HIDDEN AND WILL NOT APPEAR EVEN WHEN YOU SHOW ALL FILES, you will need to type in the path.

    Then you can close MSConfig and RESTART the computer.


    When you have successfully restarted the computer I suggest you run an anti-virus and Ad-aware by lavasoft (avaliable from

    Then you must make sure the harmful files have successfully gone by going into the MSConfig and ensuring the files you found earlier are unchecked, thus not harmful.

    Now all you have to do is ensure you never click any IM links without knowing if your buddy had actually sent it and only accept file transfers from people you know that don’t have extensions such as .exe and .bat.


    If you have any more problems or don’t know how to identify the troublesome files you can email and I would be happy to help you solve this problem personally.

  10. I’m having a hard time getting rid of a MSN. I can’t open up my anti-virus program. I can’t open up msconfig. I can’t turn on my firewall. I can’t set my computer in a way so that I’ll be able to see all hidden files….Please help me…IT’s so annoying. ARRG! someone please help me!!

  11. I’m having a hard time getting rid of a MSN. I can’t open up my anti-virus program. I can’t open up msconfig. I can’t turn on my firewall. I can’t set my computer in a way so that I’ll be able to see all hidden files….Please help me…IT’s so annoying. ARRG! someone please help me!!

  12. heya plz help! i cant open amy convo’s bcoz my comp restarts when i open it! plz plz plz plz help!

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  14. Does anyone know how to get rid of the Msn virus without having to downlaod or pay for anything?

    Please help.


  15. go ctrl-alt-delete, then go to task manager,- procesess- and end the process that says something like msnname or imnames…..or if it’s the block checker virus it will be like blkchecker.. which ever looks like the virus to you…

  16. hia x i have this virus on my computer its called IMNames.exe if searched for it and deleated it but it still pops up in my msn conversations telling my contacts to clik on the link and download it. when other people have the virus you cant even talk to them because it just types and sends itself constantly untill u exit the conversation could someone please tel me how to get rid of this please!!!

  17. ok, your wanting microsoft do not allow this domain to be used anymore for hotmail or msn account registrations the domain is used for current customers only you can only get / .com / / / .de etc otherwise looking at the paid plan packages can offer you and i doubt any of you skivys are willing to pay so you cant get it!!! lol

  18. Untrue tom… I have an account, I have never payed for anything from them in my whole life. Gosh this thing is so easy to get rid of, you just need to know basic knowledge about how things like this work, I’m only 15, I havnt seen the virus before, I just read this article and have figured out several ways to remove it already. I gotta go to sleep but if any of you want help from me, just email me at and I’ll try and help you. It’s really easy if you read up on how these things work.



  19. well for some of u im now using the removal tool from symantec… this is the order of what happend to me.

    got sent the url once and thort oh its not a .exe then it loaded a run cancel options

    i pressed cancled obviously this nob set cancel to the same settings as run…

    no NAV (noton antivurs) popped up sayin that the virisu had been found and could not remove… i pressed ok and ok…

    if u cant access anything in normal mode load safe mode and system restore from there….

    and make sure that u close links like this asap

  20. May I suggest some try the following…

    Go to “Run” (start menu) and type “msconfig”, from here, go to “BOOT.INI” and select “/SAFEBOOT” (ala “Safe Mode”) and restart. Once you restart in safe mode, use your anti-virus products and / or use System Restore. Just a thought, I’m not infected or anything, but it seemd like summat I’d try.

  21. Steve: I got that exact same virus about 20 minutes ago. I think I managed to deleate it though. (uninstalled MSN, virus scanned, thank god I didn’t open it properly) It’s odd that I couldn’t find anything to get rid of it on Google. Must be a new one. It’s best to never open “.pif” files, unless you trust the source totally.

  22. i got a virus yesterday but since usually the msn viruses they just sign u in no matter waht and send the link to all ur ppl on ur contact list. well first off turn off ur interenet and get rid of msn so it can’t do anything…next plug internet back in and then go download Spy Sweeper. (google it) then go to options and make sure all the bxes are ticked except the very bottom one. then jsut run the scan and when its done quaritine them, then go to the quarintine section and select all and finally delete. u mgiht need to restart for it to take effect. after that it should be ok. tas for me :)

  23. I done a system restore and it worked, loads of my friends accepted it as well and they cant system restore but one did fix it thanks to “Jordan Woodley” so thanks for that pal

  24. hey i opened this file which i thought was my pic an now i cant open msn.. can any1 help me remove it

  25. i recived this virus to nite. its stoped sending messages out to my contacts but i got a file on my descktop and it wount delet. please i need help my msn works tho so cantact me on there

  26. i had the msn virus which i got rid of it by doin virus scan with mcafee and doin a system restore

  27. i gt one of those msn virus and cant get rid of it

    can any1 help?

    its one of the “is this you”ones

  28. If u get a virus over those stupid msn ones you are all stupid fucking retards isnt it fucking obvious?? like comone if a link opens up in dos what the fuck do u think it will do ?!!!! stupid computer illt’s!

  29. i got that message…i was on msn when someone with my cousin’s msn started talking to me…he said something about pictures and send a link(i didnt realize that it was somebody else cuz the messages were written in portuguese wich is very similar to spanish, so i thought it really was him sending me family pictures as usual, i read the messages really fast cuz i was kind of busy)when i clicked, my antivirus said it had detected a virus but i didnt read if it had eliminated it or not…i closed all windows to avoid further damage…later i ran the antivirus and it didnt find any virus…but i’m still worried about it i dont really know what kind of virus it was and if it might still be in my computer…again my norton antivirus didnt detect anything and my computer is ok but i heard some viruses can make your computer slow as the time passes so if anybody have some information about this virus please share it with us…

  30. I was jest on MSN, and clicked on a video conversation or accept picture, and downloaded a computer won’t even start….Help!!!

  31. You computer illit. fucktards. Stop asking about it. You are thick enough to open it in the first place. You deserve it. Asking: “hi i avs viruz lol tell me ow 2 solve it” is only going to make normal people wonder if you are a fuckup or like to live that way…

    Get over it. You deserve the virus. Fucks.

  32. hi… everytime i log onto msn it keeps sending out a message sayin something like ‘lol wtf someone has posted pictures of you online at‘ or sumthin like that and i dont know how to get rid ot it. Can you tell me how to take it off becuase its annoying everyone and making the computer lag.

  33. i got a msn virus a couple of days ago and have being trying to get rid of it. Its changed my hompage to browser-gamez and sends this link to all my contacts. I think that its scvhost but im not sure wiether to delete it can sum1 help ive tried msconfig, norton full scan and looking for the file in safe mode thx

  34. my friend says shes been hearing rumors about her pic on this site and she doesn’t know if its true she has no access to the website

  35. i have had the same thing just happen to me now. ordinarily i wouldnt have opened something like that, but my friends play “tricks” on me, alot….so i was misconstrued…how do i get ridf it?

  36. guys calm down, its just a virus, and since it is only controlling msn then you guys are lucky. best thing to do, search your entire computer for any files that are missing or shouldnt be there, if it sets the virus to an icon on your destop then you rok, cause now you know what to look for on your computer. search you rcomputer using the “search” button then delete the virus(yes it will come back) make sure all msn stuff is closed and your offline, then remove all msn and every single component, then search you rcomputer again for whatever the file virus is called, if its there again delete it and make sure you deleted all msn stuff, restart you computer in safe mode and again, search your computer files c:\, hard drive is where everything is so check the entire thing, if you have an anti-virus program then run it multiple times even if it says clean or clear each time, download msn again, sign in and dont touch your fucking computer! wait an hour to make sure this thing isnt coming back. and if you like your friends after youve fixed you rproblem sen each of them an email explaining not to accept links and apologize for fucking up their computer hehe.


  37. can somebody help me please,on msn i just got a link off my mate sayin somethin like ‘omg, somebody just posted a pic of u at, n me bein stupid i clicked it n now it posts the link to everyone who’s online n its slowing my pc down. Any idea’s on how to get rid of it? please help me

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