Happy Valentine’s Day

I enjoy the Art of Travel more when I read more. I especially love the chapter IX On Habit and chapter VIII On Pocessing of Beauty. It suggested people to draw pictures of the world as a great way to help observe the beauty in the details and look at daily life as a stranger or visitor does. I read the chapters twice in Starbucks in the Super Brand Mall in Lujiazui. I also spent 3 hours to draw the Valentine’s Card for Wendy – it is almost a project as big as the Balloons Reach the Roof. Just kidding. :D

This year’s valentine’s day falls into the Spring Festival long holiday, while the previous several V-Days are many days after Spring Festival. For example, the Valentine’s day is the 24th day of second month in Lunar calendar in 2004, and in 2003, it is the 14th day of the first month in Lunar calendar. That means, some people will have the opportunity to stay together the whole day this year, while more may be apart due to the long vacation. That affected the red rose price. This year’s rose is only at the half price of the last year, which is about 6 RMB per piece [1] [2]. I guess it is due to many people do not go to office so the senario of dating at night with rose in hand decreases. Meanwhile, the production of rose was raised this year.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday adopted from the western tradition. Just like Christmas, young people like to celebrate these western holidays instead of the traditional Chinese holidays. I am returning to the traditional value of old China, and appreciate the traditional Chinese new years.

The Rose House on the first floor of the Super Brand Mall is another great place to enjoy afternoon tea after I found Ambrosia. Unlike other days, today, all the seats were occupied and there were no more tables. The servers said: “It is because of the V-Day”.

It is the same in Starbucks. Waiters have to ask the youngh couples to find a seat inside the store before ordering coffee. Every details in the store – from the special menu, the hand-drawing on the black board in the store, to roses on girls hands or decorated in the store, imply it is a special day – a day of love.

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Hi Jian Shuo,

    A very happy St. Valentine’s Day to you too *:-)

    From reading your blog for over one year now, I believe you are one of those people who is blessed with a “love heart”.

    From your words and your service of providing all of your readers with sensitive and informative blog entries I believe you represent a successful blending of time and global culture.

    I am writing this in a Borders Bookstore, with wireless access through the T-mobile network, in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

    It is raining here and I think people are still in love *:-)

    I gave my wife some Valentine gifts and I was fortunate because she liked them, and is happy.

    Thanks for your blog, which has helped me be successful in my business visits to Shanghai.

    Mr. Lee

  2. Thanks Lee. Your surprised me by two facts. One, I just found out I have many readers with me for at least more than one year. I didn’t expect so much long-time readers. Two, it is raining in California. I konw it is ridiculous to assume a place to be never-raining, but in my mind, California should be always sunny 356 days of the year. :D

  3. Gee, now I figured I should have found another time to get together with my college roommates but not the Valentine’s day, on which Wendy should have spent the whole day with you only:)

    I had a great Valentine’s day afternoon/evening talking w/ Wendy, Xiao Fang, and you. You and Wendy are doing very well in Shanghai. You are one of the sweet couples that make me believe there is still true love in this world:) I’m so happy for you.

    And thanks a lot for showing me some of the new developments in Pudong District. Very impressive place!

  4. Jing, it is so nice to see you back and the V-day of 2005 is a special one. We do enjoy meeting with you and thanks for giving me some time to prepare the gift for Wendy. It seems she like it. :D Have a safe and smooth trip back to north California and enjoy the life there. We will visit you during our next U.S. trip. Do come back to this blog to see what is going on with your old friends here.

  5. so can you share with us your lovely Valentine’s card? I think that Valentine’s Day may actually be taken more seriously in China these days than it is in the US…

  6. Belated loving wishes to both you and Wendy, Jian Shuo! I have been away for almost a month, and was unable to read your blog for that time, so it will take me a while to catch up. But I’m glad to hear you had a happy celebration, and am *especially* glad to see that you have committed to a visit to our part of California sometime (soon?) :-)

    Much love to you both,

  7. Carroll! It is you again. I was anxious that I didn’t hear from you for a while, how are you doing? Thanks for the warm wishes. We did spent very nice time during our V-Day, although I do feel that we are celebrating it everday. As the sub-title of Wendy’s blog suggest, we are having our valentine’s day everyday. :D

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