Nice Shanghai Blogger Meetup

It is very nice to attend the Shanghai Blogger Meetup organized by Fons. This meetup is held monthly on every third Wednesday @ 7:00 PM. This time, Trombly kindly hosted us in thier home. I am not sure about whether I should disclose the full name of other participants yet. I had a great time. K and M came from the film industry. They make real films. I am very interested in joining their next film effort and see how a film is created. Matthew and others shared very interesting topics regarding blogging. I would like to recommend other bloggers to join the meetup. It is a very nice place to discuss about interesting stuff.

5 thoughts on “Nice Shanghai Blogger Meetup

  1. Your blog was the first I read and thanks to you I have now started my own. My blog is quite different from yours and it is in Swedish and thus of little use to you. Still, thanks for providing inspiration. :-)

  2. Jian Shuo Wang, yes, you are welcome to include my name in this case, and note my film community blog is at, so you can find out what I’m doing with film and watching lately. Appreciated your comments, hope to meet you again soon… sorry I didn’t get your mingpian…


  3. Two thumbs up!!! Tournament will Gnome unconditionally: , Greedy, Central, Collective nothing comparative to White right Corner will Hope Gnome without any questions , Love Cards is very good Game Lazy, Collective, Coolblooded nothing comparative to Profound

  4. Hey, is the blogger meetup still held monthly on every third Wednesday @ 7:00 PM? if not, then when? I’m new to the blogging community and would like to meet some new people here in Shanghai.

  5. They are still holding the meetup, but I didn’t participate any more. If you want to find out more, search for “Maria Trombly”. She is the organizer.

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