Donation Needed for Zhan Xiao Feng

The Bad News

Within 24 hours, I got the same message from three different channels, that a student in SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) was seriously ill. His name is Zhan Xiao Feng 詹晓峰. He majors in computer science. Now the only possible cure for him is liver transplant. The three different channels are – 1) Shuguang Ye forwarded the message to SJTU Alums alias in Microsoft and I read the news on my smart phone when I was on my taxi back from Shanghai Airport home. 2) Wendy told me Danny has forwarded the message to her. 3) Claire Song left comment on my blog about the message. I am very moved by the helping spirit and willing to help. The cost for the liver transplant is at least 300,000 RMB or around 36,000 USD.

Update: PayPal icon removed

For more information about the donation, please refer to the following resources:

Wangjianshuo’s Blog Donation Matching Program

I’d like to ask my readers to donate for Mr. Zhan Xiao Feng. To encourage more donations and show my own support, I created a donation matching program.


To help sponsor Mr. Zhan Xiao Feng to successful complete the liver transplant operation.


Since his situation is instable, I’d like to set the program to be only 3 days. The program starts immediately and ends at 18:00, Jan 18, 2005, Shanghai time. (or 2:00 AM, Jan 18 Seattle time). After the program ends, I will announce the total amount and my macthing amount. Then donate the money to Mr. Zhan Xiao Feng via donation committee.


To encourage more people to lending an helping hand, I am running a donation matching program. I will donate one dollar for every dollar my readers donate to Mr. Zhan Wei Feng within the program time frame up to 200 USD. It means, if all the readers donate 150 USD, I will also provide 150 USD matching donation. If the total amount within 3 days exceeds 200 USD, I will provide 200 USD. [3]


Besides showing your support to a life that needs your help, I would also like to present the following benefit to all donators associated with Wangjianshuo’s blog

  • For ALL donators: I will create a hall of fame that remains on the homepage of Wangjianshuo’s blog with a link (as long as it is non-commercial website) and an description of the donator at the donator’s choice. It is optional benefit. [1]
  • For the first, 10th, 20th, 30th donator, I will have all the articles on this website printed as a book and mail the book to you via international post service. (the destination can be anywhere in the world). [2]

Pleease allow one month of shipping and processing time for the benifits.

How to Donate?

There are several ways to donate.

1. PayPal

I am using my PayPal account as a channel to collect the donation, since currently there is no listed paypal account yet. Meanwhile, all the organizers are students who don’t have U.S. bank account or credit card. It is impossible to directly withdraw money from PayPal in China. I have setup the channel (that is the reason I opened Bank of America in Seattle). To ensure you feel safe about your good will money through this channel, I will ask the person who accepts the money to issue receipt about all your donation and will invite two students of the donation organizing committee to audit the transfer. [4] Click the button below:

Update: PayPal icon removed

2. Bank Account

If you read Chinese, please use any of the donation methods listed in the donation page created by the students. After your donation, please post under this entry with your donation and you are also entitled to this program.

If you cannot make a donation, please also pray for him and show your support to him and his faimly by posting comments.


Note 1: I keep the right of editing, rewriting or not accepting of the links or descriptions. If you don’t agree with the final result, you have the right to quit from the program and get full refund.

Note 2: The print and mailing cost will be part of the 200 USD matching funding, and act as part of my donation.

Note 3: Please understand there is no charity or NGO organization involved in this donation. It is because of the passion to help others that students and I joined the program. Because of the fact that it is the first donation program students run, it may not be professional, or even legally or financially correct. By participating this donation, you acknowledge that you are aware of the risk.

Note 4: Currency will be converted to RMB before delivering to them. Fees related to PayPal or bank charge will be deducted before sending the money.

Important Disclaimer:

This entire program is based on volunteer. As the initiator of this program, I didn’t verify the accuracy or truthfulness of the information. I am NOT liable of any damage, losing of money, or other expense related to this program. I am also NOT liable to any mistakes I or any donation organizing committee, or students make during the program. It is based on good will only.

Update: Zhan passed away

this morning before we can lend helping hands. How quickly the life disappeared is beyond our imagination. The donation has stopped, so does my program. Life is so weak…. Thanks for whatever you did for Zhan. Take care. Sign… January 17, 2005

21 thoughts on “Donation Needed for Zhan Xiao Feng

  1. I’d like to add a note to this entry.

    1. Why I encourage donation?

    I was moved by what Zhan’s classmates, schoolmates had done for him and would like to spread the word. Meanwhile, Tsunami educated us that “If your neighbour does not feel safe, you are not safe”. So I’d like to give my support.

    2. Is there any risks?

    Yes. It is risky for me to get involved in a program that I am not familiar with, AND involves money in it. I am still not sure about whether it is legal to do the donation with this way – I mean in theory. People don’t care about the legal issue here. Meanwhile, I am not sure it is appropreate to use MY PayPal account to collect the money. I tried to find another one but couldn’t. I expect the risk. If I cannot get the money from PayPal smoothly to my bank account in China, I will have to pay the donation with my money in China and think of ways to get the money later. Meanwhile, the tax, PayPal charge, bank charge, even exchange rate need to be taking into account. The reason I want to take the risk is, nothing is more risky than losing a life, a life that MAY be saved.

    3. The students

    Now, I am a professional project manager with all kinds of risk management and international money transfer knowledge. It seems I am more concerned to do something good than the students. As the original Request for Donation letter, they published personal bank accounts on the Internet without any plan to prevent error, mishandling or the worse case – corruption. I know it is unlikely in this situation, but with the plan, there will be more donation and help Zhan more quickly. Meanwhile, the encouragement that exists only in students are what I lost. So I want to do as the students did – Just Do it.

    4. The Idea of matching

    The idea of matching donation came from the practice in Microsoft. Microsoft will provide matching donation for every employee’s donation, at one dollar to one dollar (up to a limit of huuuuuge number per employee). It is an effective way to encourage donation since people feel the money they donate doubles with the program. I want to be the first to show my commitment to help.

    The benifit comes from the idea of Bidding for Donation or the “Crossing Borders Fund Raising Show” in Hong Kong. The singers and stars don’t have money, but they can do something, like the Fund Raising Show that people who donate also get benifit from the show when they donation. Fare, isn’t it? So I want to share what I have to thank those who donate.

    5. Help.

    Of cause I am not able to handle everything by myself. I will ask for volunteers to help me print and ship the benifit book I promised. If you are willing to help me do it, please let me know.

  2. yesterday i see Fu4Biao1 on shanghai star TV’s artist award program, he just keeps give thanks and tears to people. it touched me a lot cause people can learn the meaning of life from his life.

    it’s a great pity for young people like us losing there life so quickly before action helps come into work. pray for the people to get into be loved fully and pragmatically.

  3. Mr. Wang,

    My condolence to the passed away student.

    Somewhat confused, $300K is a hugh amount for any class of people in China, in the event of such surgery, how does the average people deal with the situation? I hope the money not entirely goes to donor!


  4. 300k RMB is a hefty amount for the working class in China whose average income is only 1k RMB per month or equivalent to average manager yearly pre-tax income in the State.


  5. How much it cost for the liver transplant in USA?

    Regardless the exact amount, it’s a hefty amount for a average Americans too! Though usa have better insurance setup, not all Americans are coverd.

  6. Liver transplant depends largely on whether a suitable donor can be located, should surgery fee is a problem, any US hospital can find some foundations to step in, In Canada, such surgery is covered by health care and it costs nothing to the recipient.

    As far as I know, nobody should or will die due to lack of surgery fee.


  7. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not intending to glorify the North America medical system but curious to know how a average Chinese can deal with such hefty surgery fee should he/she needs one and public donation is not an option.


  8. That’s the difference between developed and developing nation. China still in the process of establish the new insurance system, while the old one has gone serveral years ago.

    So it is normal that most chinese people can’t afford the high-price medical fee, especially in undeveloped area. Those even worse among farmers and unemployable people. The amount is larger than you can image if you only foucus at shanghai, beijing and such like city.

    From the history view, it’s inevitable. From personal view, It is a tragedy

  9. Regarding the insurance, now more and more commerical ensurance start to play an important role in people’s life. We bought commerical healthy ensurance to cover diseases that requires liver or kidney transplant. That cost a lot but I have accepted the idea that we need to pay some money to get the right protection. I should say I am in the very few percentage of people in Shanghai who has done so. For the rest of whole China, in most cities, it is still a crazy idea to buy insurance when that month’s living cost has not been covered yet.

    ghx mentioned the old system. In the old system, if an employee get ill and needs huge amount of money to cover it, its employer (always state-owned enterprises) will hold the responsibility to pay all its employee’s or employee’s family memeber’s healthy care cost. They have to pay and pay and pay until either the patient recover or pass away. This becomes a huge burden for the enterprise. Sometimes, two or three such case will cause the financial failure of the whole enterprise. It is the same for the retirement expense. In the old system, the company you work for will pay you the retirement salary every month until you die. Sometimes, it is rediculous that the retired employees are more than the working employee but the company still need to use what the working employee earn for the company to pay those who retired.

    People has realized the problem with this old system. So people adopted the social retirement and ensurance. The enterprise you work for does not cost your medical care or retirement salary. Instead, they pay certain amount of money to buy either medical care ensurance or retirement ensurance. This started to work, but the transition is not complete. For those who full between the gap of the two system, big trouble comes.

  10. I have a father-in-law in shanghai who refuses my wife’s offer to buy health insurance for him. I think perhaps he feels it is too expensive and may feel that it is too much of a burden. Actually, I would like to find out about how much it would cost regardless. I live in Germany and the principle here is that regardless of how poor you are, individual’s health should come first. But I must say, it is indeed easy to say this when you are able to pay for the cost. At least for now.

  11. Please help me, my father needs an imdiate liver transplant. i am a pakistani citizen. Please Please help…..

  12. Please help me, my father needs an imdiate liver transplant. i am a pakistani citizen. Please Please help….. my e-mail add is my cell +923334385752 please contact me anybody.

  13. Im a sri lankan student hoping to go to australia for my higher studies.But I dont have enough money for my pls can you donate something for my studies…..

    my e mail

    thank You

  14. Hello


    I need help about the liver transplanting information .Actualy my elder brother is efected by liver problim .Total cost in usd price .Caan you help me

    Thank you.

  15. I am a student in newzealand and currently living on streets and i am using friends internet to get somehelp to support my studies and day to day living and your every penny will support me and help me to survive.If ur willing to help me then reply me back on

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