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  1. I don’t know if you realize that Shanghai’s Huang Pu district looked so much like NYC, especially before the construction boom. Some of the architectural ideas and street naming convention in old Shanghai were probably borrowed from NYC.

  2. hi… i got a good look at your picture.. that is really nice… so are u still in new york.. working or studying…

    i will be going for a holiday in america on the 28th may..2005… i hope i will have a clearly picture whtere am i going..

    have a nice day…

  3. well ive been to new york thats the main place i go for shoppping thats if u want gud clothes i only buy brand name clothes

  4. Well, after reading all those comments I’m a little sceptical, but is all to late for me.

    I’m ready to have an experience in my life and I’m already sold most of my belonges ; so, I cannot back up now, leaving very shortly, start a new life for me, now that my kids are older now.

    Let’s see what happen. If you have any ideas let me know.

    I hope I can find a good job, so, I can efforda nice appartment. I hope to find a good job, I’m into Real Estate.

  5. dear sir,

    i find your site very helpful, will be staying at magnificent hotel on oct 28 to 31, 2010, how can i reach the hotel from pudong airport? do i need to buy entrance ticket for the expo in advance between those dates? is the hotel walking distance to the bund? thank you

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