Hello Chicago

I am in Chicago now, the greatest in the world. The temperature here is lower than in Seattle, but it is not raining. I missed the sunny Seattle (only the last day when I left it) immediately when I am in Chicago. I fell in love with Chicago equally soon. I will start with the Michegon Ave. and the Chicago River tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Hello Chicago

  1. Chicago is 300% sunnier than seattle… Though the windy cold winter lasts 5 months. The best season to visit Chicago is summer. You don’t wanna miss John Hancock,Navy Pier and Italian food :) There’re lots of museums, e.g. art institute, field museum, if you have time.

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  3. The post from kristoffer villarreal is a scam, do not buy into it. It’s MLM at its best. He talked my grandma into it and it ended up costing her $500 in cancellation fees. It has been consulted amongst many people and yes it’s a scam, kris is a loser anyway, he goes around telling people that the government pays him for being an iraqi vet and that he’s on the verge of becoming a millionaire. Truthfully he lives of his smart wife and works odd jobs, whatever he can do to bring a buck in like painting houses. He’s a disgrace to our country and a sorry ex-soldier. Kris ya fired!!!

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  5. Hey believe me you our cousin is a pretty messed up. Im Kristoffers brother Jason, a Veteran of the Iraq war and still serving our wonderful country till this day. My Brothers a very smart man and the information he is putting out about his company is true. I am sorry that family had to get involved in this on the negative side but not every family is perfect. I beleive in my Brother and know that what he is doing is true and from the heart.

    Thank You,

    Jason C. Villarreal

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