Incredible Prosperity of Art in Seattle

I realized one very important thing Shanghai is lack of, while Seattle has is, art. To be more exactly, I should say I didn’t experience so many art works in Shanghai as I do in Seattle. Shanghai is also a nice place for art, but I may be too busy and didn’t spend too much time on it.

I was impressed by the art works around me in Seattle very hour. There are paintings in hotels and at lobbies of business building. There are many musical and comedy in the many theaters around town. There are tonies statues at many corners. The black beggars played drum on the street. Often, I enter a gallary before I realized it. Everything mixed together with the strong atmosphere of Christmas is just incredible.


  1. Cool Blog! Just curious, what happened to Art Story 3 and 4? Selfish, I know, since I work there, but we really enjoyed meeting you and I was interested in your thoughts on our space.


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