Interviewed by my Favorite Magazine

I was interviewed by my favorite magazine in Shanghai. We had a great conversation. I cannot disclose the name or the reporter of the magazine at this time, before the article is published, but it will be very interesting after it goes out.

Readers of this Blog are Invited for Interview

The magazine is looking for some readers of this blog to participate an interview conducted by reporters in Shanghai. They are very interested to know how readers use this website. Volunteers need to meet the following criteria to be qualified:

  • The participator should be a frequently reader of this site (Wangjianshuo’s Blog). How frequent is frequent? If you think you are, you are.
  • The participator must live in Shanghai (relocated, visiting, or permanent residents, etc). The baseline is, you are in Shanghai when the interview is conducted. I am sorry that many very nice readers do not meet this rule. But this interview is conducted in Shanghai.

The reporter wants to discover how people (with an expat focus) in Shanghai use websites to survive in this city and improve their lives. My site was chosen as a good example. I’d like to take the chance to hear some voices from my readers too. The reporter is very professional and his questions are very interesting.

If you want to share some comments, and (maybe) be mentioned on a very good magazine in Shanghai, please enter your name, your day-time phone number, email address and a very short (optional) description about yourself in the form. All the information you entered will be directly mailed to me and the reporter. I don’t keep the information on the server so it will be used for the interview proposes only. The enrollment closes at 23:00, Dec 10, 2004, Shanghai Local Time.


Day Time Phone Number:

Email Address:


I am looking forward to your participation.

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