Wendy Passed Driver’s License Exam

Congratulations to Wendy’s successful pass of the driver’s license examination this morning! She is expected to receive the driver’s license within two weeks. That is a great news and there will be two drivers for the car. :-D

9 thoughts on “Wendy Passed Driver’s License Exam

  1. Did Wendy get a Dr. Lic. for cars? My wife didn’t know one can get a dr. Lic. for cars. The driving school she went to in Suzhou only offered classes for trucks. She end up with a lic. for light trucks. When she came to US, I had to borrow a LiteAce minivan (MPV) for her to take the lic. test. She likes the feeling of sitting high in a car that she won’t drive my Mercedes. We end up buying a Honda CR-V for her. I thought it’s kind of funny just want to share the story.

  2. Congratulation to Xiao Fan!!! :D

    BTW, China’s type B driver’s license allows one to drive light truck as well as smaller cars such as sedan, while type C only for smaller-sized cars (sedan/suv/van,etc).

  3. In California, Class C is good for just about anything except Bus, 18 wheeler and Haz. material transport.

  4. congratulations! i bet you guys must had some hard time in those driver’s training schools! any interesting stories to share with us? particularly those with Shi Fu

  5. Congratulations to her! :)

    I’d never get the courage to drive in Shanghai. I don’t even like crossing the road here. My first time doing it was scary.

  6. Well done, Wendy ! I wish you all the luck in the Shanghai traffic

    Jianshuo, if she follows the new rules of traffic,

    then put up several additional stop lights in the rear window of Goudaner !!

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