Shanghai International Tennis Center

I went to Shanghai International Tennis Center on Hengshan Road for my tennis class today. I started to learn tennis and found it a very decent sports: Nice place, nice dress and nice people.

The Shanghai International Tennis Center is among the best tennis facilities in Shanghai. The indoor courts were wonderful. It was built many years before (when I was in university) but still remains very new.

I bought my whole set of tennis equipment weeks ago – the shoes, the socks, the pants, the shirt and the rack. I look very professional after I dress everything up, although I still cannot handle the balls yet.


Two indoor courts: 150 RMB per hour if it is reserved by the mentor or 300 RMB per hour for hotel guests.

Outdoor courts: 60 RMB per hour. At spring and autumn, it is wonderful to play tennis in the outdoor courts – it is in the Xujiahui area, with many trees, flowers and nice villa nearby, which make it one of the most expensive area to live in Shanghai.

Reservation in advance is required since many people go there.



516 Hengshan Rd., Shanghai China

phone: 86-21-64155588 86-21-64155588 (thanks Claire)

fax: 86-21-64373554

post code: 200030

P.S. Metro Train Beeping

Greg Black asked “Does anybody else find that beeping noise alerting of closing subway train doors to be almost painful in pitch and volume?”. The beeping is loud and the pitch is not comfortable. But I believe the Metro station have to keep it. Does anyone has any impression of the previous version of the beeping? I guess that version comes from the original German made train. It was soft and not as loud as the current one. It didn’t work well because people seldom pay attention to it. They entered the train when the beeping started only to find the door close with one leg or one arm outside the train. The doors have to re-open to release the passenger. It happened very often. Then came the current door-closing beep.

P.S. Nice Weather Today

It was sunny today, nice weather to have a cup of coffee and spend the whole afternoon in the Sun shine. Wendy did it today and was very happy.

Posted by: Greg Black on November 21, 2004 01:34 PM

16 thoughts on “Shanghai International Tennis Center

  1. Hi jianshuo, i dialed the number you mentioned in the post. It seems that it’s a wrong number. The right one should be +86-21-64155588

    They say that they don’t offer tennis class~ (?)

  2. Greg, if they put the metro loudspeakers OUTSIDE of the trains, just over the doors, it will be best. The noise inside is not directed to go outside, unfortunately.

    And in Shanghai, people fights to get OUT of the train, because the crowd outside dont know to behave right according to the signs on the entry floors (or it’s just the common shanghainese way of rudeness).

    Many times I have act like a bulldozer to get out in time.

  3. I am a Chinese Malaysian now residing in Shanghai., I would like to seek tennis players to play a game of two in the SITC. Pls contact me. My level is slightly below intermediate.

  4. I am a Chinese Malaysian now residing in Shanghai., I would like to seek tennis players to play a game of two in the SITC. Pls contact me at My level is slightly below intermediate.

  5. Hello, I’m trying to make areservation accomodations for one of my members whom will be in China on Ostober 4 thru the 14th. I am from the Summit Club in South Bend,Indiana and we have a reciprocity agreement with your club please contact me by e-mail or please call 574-232-3081 to make these accomodations. thank-you ,Kenneth

  6. Hi! I`m a Finnish tennis player and coming for an exchange student to Shanghai in the beginning of March. I play class A here in Finland. Please contact me if you wan to play with me in the spring. My e-mail is

  7. Hi, I’m a Spanish just arrived in Shanghai. I’d like to take tennis lessons (my level is low) but I havenĀ“t found a mentor yet and dont know where could I find it. If any of you has (or knows a peson who has) some experience and wants to give paid tennis lessons please contact me at

    I am also looking for players of my level!

  8. hi, i’m chinese american living in Shanghai.

    I’m looking for people to play tennis with.

    i’d say i’m slightly above intermediate.

    preferably 2 on 2.

    email me at ‘’ if interested

  9. Hi everyone ! I am helping a friend to look for some people who would be interested in participating in a tennis competition which will be broadcast on the tv channel ICS. There is no salary but the winner gets a prize. It will be next saturday and sunday, so the the 23rd and the 24th. You dont need to have a high level, just need to know how to play. Lots of foreigners will be gathering to play tennis and have fun together.

    If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible. My name is Godfrey and my phone number is 13585634804

    Thank you very much

  10. Hi I am a Singaporean Chinese living in Shanghai. I learnt tennis 5 years ago but never practiced :( Treat me as beginner! now i hope to find an instructor. Please contact me at my email thank you!

  11. Hi im trying to find someone to play tennis with, during the weekday or weekend, my level is above intermediate, there are courts in my complex, give me a call or send me an email thanks.. 13764698214,

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