Metro Line 1 Extends Northward

I read from newspaper that Shanghai Metro #1 North Extension will open very soon. Good news! The new operation plan is interesting. It works like this:

After every three trains from Xinzhuang to Shanghai Railway Station and return, the forth train will move on until it reach the new terminal station – Gongfu Xincun and return.

It means, some passengers need to get off the train at Shanghai Railway Station and wait on the platform until the right train (one out of four) arrives and continue their journey. It also means in contrast of 2-3 minutes interval of Metro Line #1, the train intervals for the metro station between Shanghai Railway Station and Gongfu Xincun will be 8-12 minutes.

The Metro System in Shanghai is stepping into a new era – a confusing era. For the first time, the train system became complicated. The trains on the same station may go to different places. It is not as straight forward as get-on-board-and-arrive as before. Don’t get me wrong. I did mean anything bad – it is inevitable for the Metro System to get confusing when more and more stations and lines are added into the system. Let’s wait and see how Shanghai Metro face this new challenge.

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3 thoughts on “Metro Line 1 Extends Northward

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