A Car Towed Away for Temp Parking

I saw two workers were preparing to tow a red Santana because it was parked on a street (Xin An Road near the Huaihai Road). Temp parking is not allowed on te street. A policeman was nearby.


Taken by Jian Shuo Wang

Within 2 minutes, the two workers went back to the trailer. The trailer went away with the roof light flashing. The poor car was towed behind it. The whole things happened within 2 minutes.


Taken by Jian Shuo Wang

I was so amuzed to see their effecient work. The poor driver have to go to somewhere in the west part of the city (I heard it should be at the Long Wu Road, which is about 15 km away from the location the car was towed and there is no easy way to get there). A 200-RMB ticket should have been waiting for the driver before he/she arrives.

I work near that area now and every noon, when I finish my lunch, I walked by the streets and paid special attention to see if there is free parking lot in the nearby area. I considered parking along the road, but gave up the idea. It seems if I had parked there, my Goudaner would have been towed already.

P.S. BTW, today is BillG’s birthday, according to Scoble.

11 thoughts on “A Car Towed Away for Temp Parking

  1. Mr. Wang,

    Please ignore my previous message as I haven’t read the bottom part.


  2. Were you amazed maybe? ;) It’s good that they are starting to crackdown. Wait and see, in a few years the fine will be 800+ RMB.

  3. Jian Shuo, a glance at your title before reading the text got me scared: “Oh, no, Jian Shuo’s car got towed?” Next time try use a de-sensitized title, will you? For example, “A Car Towed Away for …” or “Watching a Towtruck in Action.”

  4. Yeah, me too. You got me there, JS. I thought it was your car that was towed. Too bad, it would’ve been VERY interesting if it’s yours, eh? Just kidding! :-)

  5. There is a car where i live which has a smashed window and the tryes have been poped is there any way you could email me to let me know when you can come and colected it is has just been sitting there.

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