Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to myself. It is my 27th birthday.

I searched my old entries and saw this is the third entry with title “Happy Birthday to Me” already. The previous two are:

Update Birthday Cake October 18, 2004

Wendy bought me a very nice cake. It looks so nice. We celebrated my birthday at home.


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

Thanks Wendy.

39 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Hi Jian Shuo,

    A very very happy birthday to you………hope u have a wnderful day today with your wife. I have been a regular reader of your blog since the last 1.5 years……..it’s simply wonderful………your descriptions of the anecdotes are very interesting………keep up the good work……..hope u have a fun filled year full of joy and laughter…….btw I quite like the name of your car Goudaner (am I right)…….hope it’s doing grear.


  2. Totally unexpected, you are 1 year and 3 days younger than me and you’re already married for 1(?) year. Why so hurry?

    Anyway, birthday happy.

  3. Congratulations Jian Shuo.

    Hope you will enjoy your birthday. I’ve been reading here for almost a year now. Soon I will visit Shanghai to do a course in Mandarin.

    To Roosevelt: 27 is young to be married? In my country (Netherlands) I know there’s quite a lot of difference in the time people marry. Some people I know already married around 21/22, others didn’t marry yet at 30.

    Personally I think 24,25 might still be a bit young. But if people choose to marry at that age I can understand quite well.

  4. Thanks everyone (eddieliu, bigbro, Sekhar Sirigiri, Carroll, Roosevelt and CyeZ) for your “happy birthday greetings”. I just had a great lunch myself at Xintiandi since now I work near it.

    To Roosevelt: I guess no one is really ready for a marriage until he/she think it is the time from deep of his/her heart. People may worry about the marriage because there is still uncertainty. But one day, both of the couple in love may feel the strongest urge to step into the marriage, and it is the time to do it. Age is not a indicator for marriage – the feeling is.

  5. Jianshuo,一直以为你该是30出头,没想到还这么小,真是年轻有为,前途不可限量啊;D


  6. 10月18日,今天上海街头结婚的彩车好多,那么讨喜的日子竟也是你的生日啊!在这喜气洋洋的日子里,祝你身体健康,幸福快乐!

    The 18th of Augest is a date on which many young Shanghaineses get married for its good meaning.I saw many trails of wedding cars riding on the Shanghai streets today.Unexpectedly,it is your birthday!

    On this cheery day,I gave my best wishes to you:

    Hope you are in the health condition and enjoy your happy life!

  7. Mr. Wang

    At age of 27, you may content the achievment of your career, your love ones and all the things you currently possess and enjoy,but this is not the pinnacle of your life, to enjoy your career fully, you should consider post-graduate education to enhance you skill for the balance 30 years to come. Competition will be much fierce if you don’t have the right tools, it is true in this ever changing environment.

    At any rate, happy birthday to you and enjoy your cake with your love ones.


  8. 祝你生日快乐, 身体健康! (也希望Wendy已康复了)

    嗯希望你不会介意。。 这帖子的标题少了个H

  9. BTW, isn’t it so surprising to know that I am “only” 27? The biggest trouble is my face looks younger than my real age. Some people guess I am still in universities….. so I need more time to convinence people of the 6 year experience I have in IT company.

  10. Hi JS,

    Hope you had a great b-day, the cake looks delicious….so what flavor is it?

    I read in Wendy’s website a blog she wrote about what she hopes to accomplish before she turns 30. I was very interested in reading it, unfortunately my Chinese is horrible, and could only understand little bit. I was wondering if you also have a list of things you like to accomplish before 30. Also if its not too much trouble, if you or her could translate that piece in English. I tried using a web translator, but it didn’t work very well.

    Happy b-day again, may the year ahead bring you even more happiness and success both personally and professionally.

  11. I saw the hot news of your birthday this morning, Jianshuo.

    I hope you had a great day yesterday, congratulations !

    You are lucky to have Wendy, so thoughtful of her to give you that cake ;-)

  12. Happy Birthday Jianshuo!

    I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for about 6 months now. I think it’s a great resource for people interested in Shanghai. I was actually living in SH all of last year. Reading your blog brings back a lot of pleasant memories…

    If only I knew you back then, we could have metup for coffee at the Mei Luo Cheng Starbucks. :) All the best from Los Angeles, CA.

  13. Happy Birthday!

    This is the first time I happened to surf into your website. It is an interesting site, and I am sure I will visit it again soon.

  14. Hi JL- wld you mind letting me know which date’s blog (of Wendy’s) are you referring to? I cld try to translate, but i can’t seem to find any such blogs at Wendy’s site after a look at the Sept & Oct entries. What catches my eye though are:

    1) the 2 cats playing outside Wendy and JS’ house

    2) Wendy’s 13 Oct entry, which i find very interesting but i don’t really understand (very mind-boggling indeed).. the “conversations” are a little confusing.

  15. Thanks Fei, that is so kind of you. The particular entry I was referring to is on June 13th. I believe the title is called Dreams for turning 30??

    Since my reading comprehension of Chinese is very limited, most of the time I can only figure out the topic she’s discussing, but not the details. So I know that she has many interesting topics :-) Unfortunately for me I can’t even figure out the topic for the Oct 13th entry :-(

    thanks again Fei!

  16. Happy Birthday from New York City! It happens that we are on the same birthday. I occasionaly browse your blog, good site.

  17. 18 October 1977 also mine birthdate too :-)) happy birthday to me too…greetings from Turkey


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  19. My birthday is October 18, 1977 as well! I have not even looked around yet, I just looked up my birthdate in Google for something to do, and this came up! I am from St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Happy birthday to us! (a few months ago) I just got married this year, on October 15th!! My mom’s birthday is also October 18th, 1945.

    I will have a look around your site-cheers!

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