Happy Mid-Festival

Happy Mid-Festival (Moon Festival) to all my friends and readers!


© Jian Shuo Wang. Image created by Jian Shuo Wang with Microsoft Paint.

I especally want to send the card to my family in Luoyang, Nanyang, Tongchuan, Fuzhou, Toronto, Portland… It is a season for every member of the family to gather and today, only Wendy and I am in Shanghai.


  1. that’s enough :)

    better than alone

  2. It will be better to connect the moon festival with the national holiday.

    Then people would be able to celebrate it for real, and the way it was intended; now they can only call by phone, because they will not meet before beginning of october !

    The moon festival was created way before anyone went away from their hometown to work as they do today.

    This is a 55 year old mistake of the Party, please correct it on the next meeting, Beijing !

    The moon festival has to be more flexible, and should follow the PEOPLE of China.

    They have SO little holidays and gatherings, compared to others.

    A solution could be to put the holidays from the lunar festival, and incorporate them into oct. 1.

    Come on Mr. Hu !

  3. Carsten,

    you are so hilarious, but I wont count on the communists to make this happened.

  4. Great picture.

    BTW, you know adsense allows Chinese language now. Have you seen an adsense ads on a chinese site?

  5. Happy Mooncake Festival! (though I’m a day delayed for my greeting since tomorrow’s gonna be the National Day celebration and I don’t have a break for the holidays, too bad!) Happy Holidays, JS and Wendy! Hope to meet you one of these days! :-)

  6. carsten,

    I appreciate your view towards family orientation during the festival, but to merge the Moon Festival and National Holiday may drew reluctance from the law makers in Beijing as they clearly do not wish to see the exuberance being diluted by family value during the National Holiday which is the major festival to unify the country politically.


  7. Thanks, angelica and Stephen, but it is after all only wishful thinking…

  8. Mid-Autumn Festival comes closer and closer.

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