Carsten Gave Me Earplugs

If you keep reading this blog for enough time, you must know Carsten. He shared a lot of good comments on this blog. More than that, he contributed lots of his earplugs to my F1 trip. We met the B&Q in Pudong. It is nice to see my reader and good friend in person. :-D Thanks Carsten.


Image sent me by Carsten

If Carsten hadn’t reminded me of the noise of F1 race cars, I will go there without any protection, and it may be a disaster for Wendy and I.

4 thoughts on “Carsten Gave Me Earplugs

  1. Thanks a lot for your article Jianshuo, and enjoy the race !

    I hope others will have an opportunity to protect themselves.

    A way to avoid the noise is : Stay far away from the raceway. But – what’s the fun then ??

    I will try to tap the race from the TV to my camcorder… Can make a DVD after.

    I’ll inform you if I have success !

  2. Earplugs are a must. I went to my first F1 race at Indianapolis a few years back and my ears were in severe pain near the end. I certainly learned my lesson.

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